Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Golden light collects character the easiest, one market goes two king, suspicion is new write a play is cutting a line Had seen the person of thunder drama, more or less does estimation molder to battle force, force of main part battle is intellectual perhaps be cut do not feel strange, especially a lot of parts often do not pass a theatrical work alive, what these are in thunder drama new issue, but new after play of hop-pocket of one edition golden light comes out, many golden light are confused feel floor level by refresh many.

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If say thunder is the most good-looking is his person idol sculpture full division of delicate, specially good effect and Protean story setting, golden light most the specially good effect that those who attract is him and story line, give prize wisdom person each other is fought, after letting many people look, cannot see ancient costume play of home a bit, especially silent dark green leaves the mountain peak battle of wits with boreal contest king, be regarded as golden light wisdom to fight the ceiling of play all the time. However celestial being is ancient mad billows after coming out, a lot of people are lost to his judge did not stop all the time, because a lot of places have logistic problem, for instance 29 collect destroy that one battle of ground arteries and veins, nature’s mystery salary puts one person to going up different day 9, right now different day 9 merit system already by 6 add up to person of be apt to to destroy, what can no more show oneself is preterhuman repair for, but still be in so not below draw circumstance, collect nature’s mystery salary block below, let its boil spruce Buddha to destroy ferry to read aloud.

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Nature’s mystery salary is put exist as what can fight on 9 action with seedling king, unapt still had not cleared away, should knowing seedling king is current in pop chart of force of battle of play of golden light hop-pocket, be next to the existence of emperor of yuan of unhealthy environmental influences that cause disease, more important is nature’s mystery salary puts Hu Moji of the most arrogant at hand bend to come on the stage repeatedly do not have, gut also was not explained other issue wants to do, even if you say you are put to send the Miao Xiaobing in mop up by nature’s mystery salary, also can justifiable, however Hu Moji of whole battle bend was not in even people. This is celestial being only ancient mad billows among them a logical flaw, making a person broken prevent truly is 31 collect, the prevue before ever had said 7 king can have two people be hit, hit the catchword of celestial being of seedling knife kill, to the prevue that golden light hop-pocket makes fun of, average person also is become jest. As a result 31 collect give an audience a big surprise directly, behave preterhumanly all the time first-class Wu Qu opening this world and nature’s mystery salary are put, one collect is gotten handy.

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If say nature’s mystery salary is put,be inflicted heavy losses on by seedling king, below incomplete blood circumstance not the horn of two bewitching path that enemy bewitching bound comes out, this returns the word of can loath justifiable, wu Qu opening this world is very unusual really. The 30 market before open in relief Wu Qu to give a person a kind of fighting capacity of day of Wang Shi force, can could there be with a surname break even, to going up 6 add up to person of be apt to not to fall ahull, but be in ghost honour and the couplet at hand that the other shore spends two people, do not pat army to hit also calculated, carry unexpectedly one by ghost honour relaxed broken end.

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Two market closed two villain in drama, can saying is all along not quite good the golden light that stops a person is the easiest, also be battle force molders the directest, the new write a play that many people feel this may be golden light feels this one gut too pull crossed, as dilatory as its go cutting a line, what come as one collect is flat, can have different show as to new theatrical work, this with respect to unknown.

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