Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Roadside booth eats Dilireba face, on the side only a bottle of water, netizen propaganda to the enemy at the front line: This play staff is too miserable and shabby Recently, the netizen is in on gregarious platform, uploaded Dilireba to filming teleplay ” public prosecution elite ” road fluoroscopy frequency, the heat in video cling to in roadside booth is taking a bowl of side, show slightly miserable and shabby, got everybody’s discussion.

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We can see the road shows a picture in, main actor Dilireba and Tong Dawei face-to-face, the meal is eating on roadside booth. Hot cling to the jacket that wears white, the sweater of stripe is built inside, whole person looks clean spell able. Sit in the Tong Dawei on her, wearing black dress.

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Two people are taking a side, in heat cling to on the side of, put only have a bottle of mineral water, the netizen also is to be commented on, this play staff is too miserable and shabby also, do not add a meat of what. This estimation also should be for, film the effect, gut needs.

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Agitate wears Dilireba the face in the bowl, film in undertaking, edge and Tong Dawei are talking about a day, the edge is taking a side. But from the road fluoroscopy that netizens upload frequency is pleasant to the eye get, estimation face already Tuo, hot cling to just ate a few symbolisticly.

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Other time are hot cling to not be to taking sport, be opposite with actor of the other side namely in play, those who heat up Ba Zhen is an effort identify true actor again.

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The picture is shown in another paragraph of road in, can see heat cling to go on the road with the partner, two people dress very profession, handsome male belle goes together, be bright look as expected, netizens also in succession express, expect this theatrical work ” public prosecution elite ” broadcast.

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Dilireba is crying in this filmed drama ” public prosecution elite ” , it is the teleplay that case of new-style network crime adapts the first basis of Chinese. Act the leading role by the person such as Dilireba, Tong Dawei, Gao Xin, have a strong lineup, adapt plus real the plot of a play, this drama has not left sow, got the expectation of numerous netizens, the hope also films at an early date, breakfast broadcasts.

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Hot cling to in last few years, brought work of numerous and outstanding movie and TV to us, let more and more people realise, this sunshine the belle of amorous feelings of region of beautiful, different.

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Be in from her ” Gu Jianji Tan ” in cut a figure, arrive again ” carat lover ” in the big star Gao Wen that acts Gu Ling essence to blame, arrive again ” 3 unripe sansei 10 lis of peach blossom ” medium small fox, and more and more contemporary piece with ancient costume drama, hot cling to harvested increasing vermicelli made from bean starch people love, let us remember, this is acting art the serious, firm and persistent girl in road.

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There also is heat recently cling to new theatrical work, want to broadcast immediately, of she and Ren Jialun partner ” drive whale writes down be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , wanted to sow immediately, hope everybody wants to remember watching her to go out wonderfully act.

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The hope is hot cling to continue to having deep love for her act art career, yan Zhi and actual strength coexist, persistent glow shines, bring more Jing to admire to us with the breakthrough. A person takes exercise through what differ, with respect to the beneficial result that can achieve different rate, the hope heats up Ba Yue to jump over outstanding.

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