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Original title: Producer explodes makings information content is too big: Zhang Han is cold-shouldered by platform, ” go up Yang Fu ” cost 779? ? On March 17, the teleplay that You Zhanghan, Xu Lu acts the leading role ” if you are well,be sunshine ” broadcast in Shanghai. However, what differ with other teleplay is, this drama is absent ” love vacates ” , ” on platform of video of 3 big main trends, go up in the dibble seeding App of a new development however. Only one is plant likelihood, it is production just do not have negotiate price with 3 video platform.

20220316020246 6231454692c28

According to teleplay introduction, teleplay director is yellow, production is factitious, after teleplay broadcasts, instead of name of will gregarious platform ” Yang Li, movie and TV encircles a SOHO ” , sent long article to be told about in detail on March 19 ” if you are well,be sunshine ” with mainstream video platform ” talk about collapse ” process. She still writes: “I am to be forced really faineant. Spelled a life to also want to say 9. I do not go down alive. We plan an outlet additionally! We plan an outlet additionally!!

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Article content is very long, but summary rises, the key is as follows. Above all, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” pat at leaving in July 2019, will finish in Paris in December film. Took near 5 months, next later period is made spent a few months. The cost that make is not low, it is complete works group the painstaking effort of 380 staff members.

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Next, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” never abandon be being communicated with platform of 3 big video online broadcast. Got 3 big platform are opposite however on of astral copyright drama distain. This kind has been gotten on the copyright drama of astral decide on a verdict, be by the definition in interior of platform of 3 big video ” upright drama ” , an unexpected winner. The reason is 3 big platform is self-restrained the cost with drama and custom-built drama huge need. Squeeze the money earned by hard toil of copyright drama only come out, ability amortize its high cost, reduce cost. The 3rd, yang Li and other platform are broadcasting replied all the time that day afternoon at 6 o’clock, but the result fails to get they want. Finally ” if you are well,be sunshine ” fail to land mainstream video platform, teleplay is made just will face loss.

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After long article is given out, did not cause too great sensation. Up to distribute news dispatches when transmit, only 364 criticisms pass the writings of 1000, it is the vermicelli made from bean starch that acts the leading role for God for the most part among them, appeal the dispute between the film and platform does not want the attitude of actor of be a burden on. I think the impact is not quite big still. On March 20, some media published the deepness to Yang Li to interview, in be interviewed this, yang Li is subdued besides what convey his again and besides resentment, still leaked a large number of information about whole industry. Here has a summary.

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Zhang Han is not approbated by platform, one collect gives only 200 thousand in be being interviewed, very big one part content and Yang Li, written long article overlaps, the first fundamental news is, she and prime cause of video platform cracked are platform of 3 big main trends offerred price is too low. According to Yang Li, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” it is drama of a copyright. The place before be like is narrated, copyright drama is undesirable on platform, be by the definition ” terminal drama ” . So 3 companies are not willing to buy exclusive product, be willing to purchase a product jointly only, and gave very low price, every want 200 thousand yuan only / stage. Should you want after all? Him Yang Li psychological price is 2 million yuan / stage, so final price still does not have negotiate.

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That why can video platform give out such price? In 3 video platform, having two is B class, highest is S class, it is class A next, so B is equivalent to the 3rd archives, lose bargain ability almost. Among them one says directly: “You are insufficient still actor, we do not have law evaluation. ” refuse directly. Look round next look ” if you are well,be sunshine ” cast, heroine Xu Lu is depended on ” if you are well,be sunshine ” this film has his moment, do not calculate really in teleplay domain hold the position of heroine, achieved successful masterpiece. It is so in platform eye, her may not is star of a gleam of.

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Hero Zhang Han, it is actor of an a gleam of. Did not think of him or be not approbated by platform, without method side teleplay sells a good price. Besides, CP jades besides Zhang Han and Xu in the play staff, join without other enthusiastic actor. ” flashy girl ” opposite at other for the teleplay of the corresponding period that collects star of all sorts of a gleam of, true not cipher out colour, zhang Han also does not have those who get platform to approbate. ” if you are well,be sunshine ” lose money in business is become finality, platform combines a demand a low price to be announced according to Yang Li, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” pour into painstaking effort of 3 years, always had invested 100 million yuan. Below current market environment, defend inspect weaker and weaker, the price that give out cannot have been mixed 100 million investment keep balance, so this drama wants to answer can place a hope only originally at video platform, but talk about collapse with video platform nowadays, lose money in business already was become finality.

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Yang Li is in and discover in the communication process of platform, 3 platform have to copyright drama group, buying picture ” if you are well,be sunshine ” a demand a low price when such copyright drama, and meet a time as far as possible in the future procrastinates, because this a lot of drama were to arrive,the last moment must sell, can decide a value hastily only. The account that Yang Li does not accept, it is platform interior abstains drama, custom-built drama to often can give out to them the price of millions of one collect. See not hard from which, “Actor loves to vacate ” 3 mainstreams platform combines a demand a low price, force teleplay manufactures square give in, and reality is current teleplay need not go up star, but do not get online sow platform to be able to let a person feel abnormal, also can lack heat.

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” go up Yang Fu ” cost 78 100 million? The theatrical work that still has 7 million one market is sowed because,coming out is probably too indignant, yang Li is being interviewed in besides talk ” if you are well,be sunshine ” , also exploded teleplay industry a few fierce makings. Yang Li thinks, teleplay makes cost house do not fall high, still basically be video platform carried the price actually come up, reason is platform those who buy oneself to manufacture jointly is self-restrained drama can give sixty-six thousand eight hundred and ninety-one market, and copyright drama overwhelms the price 200 thousand one collect.

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Before she expresses to doing this theatrical work, cost is highest also with respect to 60 million, still explode at the same time makings ” XX is endowed with ” spent 78 100 million. Have in the teleplay name that the near future broadcasts ” ode ” of the word only ” big Qin Fu ” and ” on Yang Fu ” two, and ” big Qin Fu ” broadcast in CCTV, so Yang Li explodes of makings can be only ” on Yang Fu ” . ” on Yang Fu ” surround a main actor by Zhang Ziyi and Zhou Yi, sow alone in some video platform, the teleplay of this 68 collect, if invest 78 really 100 million, so according to be restricted firewood makes the scale computation of 40% , actor remuneration is about to take away more than 300 million, really too tall.

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In addition Yang Li still explodes makings, some video platform calculated one year last year come down to only trilogy does not have lose money in business, and have the teleplay that a cost is as high as 7 million one collect sow do not come out, the operation means of platform lets a person look not to understand really. Think those who say is finally, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” fail to go up mainstream video platform broadcasts, it is demand a low price of 3 platform combination on one hand, be because is teleplay itself character mixed, on the other hand sell be no good? Zhang Han and CP of Xu Lu group, meet really Rangpingtaidi does not have too large interest, and Zhang Han is so old will give the figure that performs strong president all the time, no matter be platform,still just be an audience, early fail new move.

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Additional, a such drama, yang Li make a price 2 million one collect, also some of lion starts to talk greatly? According to her anticipation, 45 collect teleplay, 2 million one collect if platform is accepted, so be equivalent to platform can selling 90 million, add the copyright of the TV station to expend, consider the investment of more than 100000000 affirmative to also can earn many profit, can say her wishful thinking was not hit good only now! In the final analysis, ” if you are well,be sunshine ” still block department insufficient, did not have the star of a gleam of of heat truly, teleplay can rely on quality ability to get platform approbate only, 3 platform combine a demand a low price, also be to give production Fang Taigao actually the doorsill of teleplay, if do not have star of a gleam of, still want method promotes teleplay quality ability gain!

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