Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: ” survive ” head sow, the person sets suspension, the netizen shows the Lin Zhi school of Yang Zi personate does not respect a doctor Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi act the leading role ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” sowed eventually, but comment polarization, vermicelli made from bean starch people the likelihood thinks very good-looking, but blame vermicelli made from bean starch thinks this drama is more insipid, special to Lin Zhi school backside speaks ill of a doctor, the behavior that does not respect a doctor indissolubles.

20220316020310 6231455e25376

Saw two collect know why this part can invite Lin Zhi school Yang Zi comes personate, because compare the individual character that agrees with Yang Zi, show off how a bit breathe out, conversation does not cross mind, offend a person easily, particularly right the manner of doctor Gu Wei lets a person very hard accept, taking huge bias to see a person, true not sensible.

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Lin Zhi school centers the Gu Wei of pair of personate that resemble battle to do not have good impression in just a little, direct rearward says the person talks casually about, also not be afraid of hear the meeting is very sad, create difficulties for sb they, say this individual sets Lin Zhi school not to rely on chart a bit so, compare suspension, the undergraduate that in every case has bit of intelligence quotient so won’t actuation rearward speaks carelessly others claver, consider Wei Youduo bad, just also cannot listen to others backside to speak carelessly, still get an eye to see for solid, so Lin Zhi school is foolish Bai Tian, conversation does not cross mind, does this person set hereat meaning to do it?

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Female Yan Zhi of 2 tall Xi looks than Yang Zi pleasing to the eye, this drama may not use filter lens, yang Zi besmeared it seems that a lot of pink, appear very factitious, as a female undergraduate, the cosmetics with very generous smear appears is not so natural He Qingchun.

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Teleplay just began to make a person right Lin Zhi school very be fed up with, she did not take mind, still give the child of adjoining bed snack casually, what the child suffers from is intestinal obstruction, cannot snack, so this person sets Lin Zhi school to let a person love not to rise really, very be fed up with. Its father needs the examination with further redo, the school of result forest the opinion of one pile, look right the doctor has very deep preconceived idea, to let Lin Zhi school and Gu Wei from an exchange of blows friendship grows, also do not have necessary be enrolled with firm, this gives Lin Zhi school completely animosity of this horn salad.

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Lin Zhi school is more subjective and capricious, without brain, speak ill of others rear at any time, gu Wei still produces love to her unexpectedly, this true your person does not understand, resemble this kind of part, have bias to the doctor apparently, do not know the fact, speak carelessly, exceeding not courteous not rational also, the school that visits Wei Duilin so produces good impression to let a person pay no attention to solution really. Still have prevent the doctor hands everybody for the money of child raise donations the child’s mom, lin Zhi school also is to show off the considers the Kingdom of Wei in doubt moral quality that breathe out, had not seen a few times, hear others rumor, next with respect to echo what other says, lin Zhi school looks and common girl it doesn’t matter is distinguished, not be very rational person, typical foolish white hot.

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This part person sets Gu Wei to still go, but also have a netizen doubt is so young become an expert, real life is actually medium capable the person is very much, not necessary talk endowment platoon people of a certain kind, this what time, capable the person is promoted, especially doctor oneself is capable very important, may not should be accumulated according to experience will promote. The problem still goes the fiction that adapting, novel of it is reported basically clue of it doesn’t matter, a lot of moment are 3.1 line, because the life of doctor and student is very drab, so this sweet bestowing favor on idol play also is such, of course teleplay still created a few conflict and contradiction, but such effect is not very good, the feeling of the school that gives person forest is foolish student, what does not understand, seem to read to read foolish.

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Two people discovered each other virtue slowly later, just brush a scintilla, the clue of such convention cans be found everywhere, had been sodden stalk, but still have be very happy with it the ground is being used. From the point of artistic character, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” grading may very low, because the person is set,give a person with the clue very the feeling of suspension, without logic, everybody sees drama or strong Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi, so and look and cherish.

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