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Original title: ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” switch on the mobile phone! Bright of Hou Yong poplar acts the leading role, joining appear with anther leading player is play bone Arrive from 2020 now, the country appeared on drama market drama of a lot of timeses, for instance noonday sun releases ” great river great river ” series work, ” hill sea affection ” , include this year open a play ” between the world ” . Do not have one exception put story background in the past, the audience move that lets more easily had experienced that period is the same as experience.

20220316020354 6231458ae132c

2022 ” between the world ” the advantage that proved times drama again, the times drama that hopeful and audience meet this year also has noonday sun ” great river great river ” . Last when regard this as series, be expressed great expectations naturally by everybody, especially the destiny of 3 leading role in drama, affecting the heart of the audience.

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But in come Yang Shuo, before, wang Kai goes out acted ” great river great river 3 ” , yang Shuo goes out performed another theatrical work ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” . This new theatrical work also has the color of the times, and ” great river great river ” the place that series has a few likeness. Face a society to change the ceaseless innovation with science and technology, traditional manufacturing industry is facing new challenge.

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010-101 ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” the story that this drama related old brand equipment to make hill of enterprise the foot of mountain weigh labour to be immersed in management predicament. President started the plan that replaces heavy industry with finance, however by of young scientist enter roily. This young scientist believes firmly, the hill of the foot of mountain that he develops can save a company one number, and unlock the mystery that his father goes mad because of boom accident is round.

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From the story gist can see, of this drama depict is enterprise reform not just, still have be concerned about. Hill of the foot of mountain is versed in the challenge that face is how to live not only again, return those who have international industry magnate to stab in the back, the neck that hill of the foot of mountain is versed in again got stuck on a technology. The research group of the leader that defend assist can issue new technology of research and development in pressure only.

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This drama explained the inheritance drive between older generation and new generation racily, revealed a few enterprises to grow next nether enormous challenges in the times to us. The worker of old equipment manufacturing industry also is planted by this the tremendous influence of times changes.

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This drama weighs Fang Ruizhou of person of work control door with hill of the foot of mountain, the plan that tries to change finance with heavy industry saves an enterprise to be germinant, but as Wei Chengdai the patent technology with new move and advanced manufacturing mode join in, be broken gradually. Below the technical innovation that is versed in again in hill of the foot of mountain, young worker must learn process designing skill, the conflict between the person that this brought about brainworker and physical labor directly.

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Look only from subject matter, ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” the outward appearance that has an explosion type. No matter be the contradiction of different a group of people of same interest, still pass all manufacturing industry and the conflict that the times expands, added many interesting hotspots for this drama. Driving battle array too grab an eye, the play bone of costar all of one suit besides the story that is worth to expect, ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” cast grabs an eye likewise, odd from choose horn to be able to see. The emotional line of this drama is changed infirmly relatively, give priority to horn with Yang Shuo and Hou brave, one is heavy industry those who make get military thing, one is new technology get military thing. The difference of the age and ideological conflict make they put forward completely different company to develop a concept.

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Yang Shuo, depend on its numerous ” great river great river ” series work, cast off successfully also ” happy eulogy ” in the fat visual perception that packet leaves an audience, the figure that acts a scientist won’t let an audience play. In switch on the mobile phone ceremonially, yang Shuo is wearing simple black casing glasses, the hair is messy, wearing a dress. He smells young like scientist, he looks younger without mustache. Once went out before the Hou Yong that Pg"> regards old show as bone is early had performed many high grade work, but those who make person impression most deep is however ” people’s name ” . Come on the stage time is not long, but the part of its personate is had an insatiable desire for because of small Guan Ju, there are oneself one minute when be being caught money did not spend the one name occasion in drama.

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Be in this ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” in, the boat of president square fighting spirit of Hou brave personate will be brought to us experience differently completely, had bone of such an old show to aid blast, the acting standard that drama makes nots allow small gaze. Be in ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” in woman role is not much, the Jiao Junyan of personate heroine once acted the leading role ” Qin Ming of legal medical expert ” ” encounter Wang Lichuan ” wait for work. From Qing Chuntian beautiful adjacent home girl ofs material bearing to nowadays the bingle girl of chilly, the ground breaks through Jiao Junyan oneself figure, acting also can be hit more and more. This she will be in drama swallow of gold of worker of personate electric welding, let a person cannot help expecting likewise.

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Clever also appear in the surprise in this drama, of personate female 2 Fang Fei are a teacher, must say clever sweet figure affinity is dye-in-the-wood, be worth to expect likewise.

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Besides leading role battle array enough grab an eye besides, ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” joining appear with anther leading player is play bone, fan Ming, wang Xun, tian Xiaojie, yue Gong having one exception is audience familiar to the ear can the actual strength clique of detailed, include Li Hongtao, li Jiang also go out performed many high grade drama to make. It is such cast had assured only ” Chongzhongzhi is heavy ” character, this battle array is worth to chase after!

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