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Original title: 36 years old model male Yang Shuo, “Conceal ” wife of 9 years, it is our familiar childhood goddess Wang Liwen Appeared a few this years drama of person of a lot of thunder, a lot of audiences complain teleplay is uglier and uglier, a lot of audiences begin to pay close attention to Han drama and beautiful theatrical work. These a few years, the teleplay of a few high quality emerges in endlessly, actor of some nets drama, teleplay, make special typical case, the camera lens of some teleplay does not lose the film. Impatient the audience that chases beautiful theatrical work people begin naturally to pay close attention to homebred drama. Now, the actor that has actual strength more very much has his moment again in the teleplay upsurge in these a few years.

20220316020407 62314597486ca

I believe a lot of audiences like the teleplay that this group makes noonday sunshine very much. These a few years, almost noonday sunshine makes a lot of delicate teleplay, ” the person that pretend ” , ” Lang Ya a list of names posted up ” , ” know to deny knowing to deny should be green manure red thin ” etc is very suffer audience gay teleplay. And, give the actor that performs these teleplay almost very popular also, bone of a few old show also greeted the 2nd spring of the career in these outstanding teleplay.

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Does everybody still remember ” happy eulogy ” this teleplay? At that time, broadcast temperature is very high at that time, the urban beauty of each different lives case of 4 individual character in a village accidentally. Teleplay discussed the issue such as the feeling of urban youth and mother tongue family for the center with them. In this teleplay, a lot of people like very much ” wrap up always ” . Personate is overbearing and humorous ” wrap up always ” Yang Shan also explodes between one night red. The Yang Shan in the life is a model man, and he concealed old wife, it is our familiar childhood goddess.

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Average household is saved in a Heilongjiang, of Yang Can was born to this family to bring rife hurrah and laughter. With a lot of teenagers, of Yang Yao in one’s childhood very naughty also. He is very clever, but this is clever be used to be in blame on. Often go out to play secretly, study result is in drop, parents captured Yang Yao’s heart. And Yang Yao or high school student when, because he is traitorous period arrival, be not constant error with parental relation. After quarrelling with father, yang Yao ran away from home actually!

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Of Yang Shan run away from home make parents very afraid, also make the child distressed. Yang Yao began his north to bleach the life at this moment. Because do not have degree, without professional skill, yang Yao lives to can be in Beijing, can take dish to become a clerk only, still had sold bake string, as a whole, did the part-time job that can make money more very much at that time. Yang Yao is very fortunately handsome at that time, he did part-time job of model of period of time.

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When be informed a son to live very hard in north, yang Hui’s parents is very distressed. They hope Yang Hui comes home earlier continue oneself school work, do not make parents afraid. But, yang Yao decides at that time, oneself do not build variety not to come home absolutely! Fortunately, he encountered his Bai Le, from now on Yangyao entered recreation smoothly to encircle. Yang Yao is taken an examination of through his effort later went up the Thespian institute central, graduation hind becomes an actor formally through this 10.3 teleplay.

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Must say Yang Yao acting is very good, luck is quite good also. He goes out one after another performed a lot of classical teleplay. Especially after this 10.3 teleplay broadcast, gas of Yang Yao’s person is hot. In ” love is in left, affection is in right ” in this teleplay, yang Shan’s expression also got a lot of audiences reputably.

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The Yang Shan on the job works seriously, act strong president, the Yang Shan in the life is very quiet. Next he has a wife that hid 9 years. Wen of wife king goosefoot also is an actor, she is famous early, still be childhood goddess of everybody. Wang Liwen cries in ” happy eulogy ” very Ouyang Laoshi is acted in sufferring child gay teleplay. This part can say is a lot of people in one’s childhood most the teacher of infer. Wang Liwen and Yang Yao are Thespian one’s previous experience, after two people marry, take care of a family to make Wang Liwen absorption, also appear a few this years on screen rarely.

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