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Original title: 5 days defeat 3 100 million, successive 3 days broadcast a quantity to gain the championship, does mango stage go out again ” king blast ” drama? ? Well-known, what mango stage goes is discharge course. The actor or artist that put together art invites is more when type of red God, floret love a beans, teleplay, it is more ” dear my elder brother ” , ” the secret in fine case ” of and so on sweet idol play. Even if ” rays of morning or evening sunshine ” such espionage war play, also having thick ” foolish foolish sweet ” style.

20220316020452 623145c4cd020

As the change of the mainstream, the change of style of movie and TV, mango stage also changed color of his movie and TV gradually. Although still take God character love for the most part course, but at least still a lot of resemble ” ray ” such ” king blast ” drama.

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Well-known, in recent years, the teleplay of suspense style and film become the heat in eye of a lot of audiences, everybody fondles admiringly. Mango stage is very rare go up the work of the line, but in the mainstream, still want to satisfy the requirement of the audience, ability control closes inspect and broadcast a quantity ” password ” . ” dozenth second ” on the line brought a lot of attention to mango stage.

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The line on 0103 010 was become later ” deepfry king ” ” dozenth second ” this work just arrived on line, became mango stage ” the king of deepfry ” suspense drama. Go up oneself line, since, no matter this drama is to be in broadcast a quantity or obtained on welcome degree not the achievement of common, jump house a list of names posted up even head.

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Will look with sowing data of to the limit of one’s capacity at present, ” dozenth second ” in weak point broke through inside 5 days of 300 million broadcast a quantity, although conduct propaganda does not reach the designated position, very few even somebody knows. At present already accumulative total exceeds 357 million, data is taller and taller. Seeing this play is to be based on gut, is not an actor is famous degree.

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Sow 5 days, ” dozenth second ” enrage in the person not below the circumstance of beautiful, already successive 3 days gain the championship. Show itself in much ministry teleplay. Platform viewing rate, this work is next to ” dozenth second ” such your work. The audience that seeks theatrical work it is thus clear that really many. From broadcast quantity and achievement to look, a lot of audiences feel this mango TV tried new style, choose piece also be a success. From it is at the beginning ” king blast ” , ” exploit ” do not lose God discharge theatrical work.

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The story that burn a brain satisfied the requirement watching opera of the audience. The gut enough of 03010 attracts the audience that likes to see suspense play. It allows leading role from A to Z roughhouse, and be missing this is to be after 8 years, when male advocate Zhao Yichen discovery daughter advocate when having a twin elder sister, he still does not know the wife had died. Because have be concerned about at the beginning, caused the desire that the audience continues to watch. ” dozenth second ” first gut set is a success undoubtedly.

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Drama of a lot of suspense was hit now ” suspense drama ” theme, but adulterated on gut a lot of moods, give birth to an unripe suspense your work forcedly to turn God into drama, let a lot of audiences see no less than going to. When the work that has the plot that burn a brain when so appears, the demand of everybody that seek theatrical work also gets satisfaction.

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From at present ” dozenth second ” will newlier look, ” dozenth second ” still receive, still have group of a lot of mysteries, the audience place of suspense drama likes this, everybody can be gone after, because there is the idea of exploration in their heart,also be, ” gut ” accomplished.

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Female 10 thousand alizarin red make an audience astonied. ” dozenth second ” very low-key, imagine medium luxurious cast without everybody. Indeed, the leading role actual strength that holds the post of heavy He Moqian is powerful, but famous degree, it cannot be compared with discharge artist really. The explanation with two actors lubricious nevertheless diagonal still lets an audience shine at the moment, especially personate daughter advocate 10 thousand alizarin red, want scarcely too Jing admired. In drama, a person acts two parts. This ” one person performs two roles ” drama, also be huge test to the actor. 10 thousand alizarin red, once had tried to act many parts by a person, be in ” dozenth second ” in it is do a familiar work with ease more. Although two characters are growing same face, but disposition differs completely however. Elder sister tenderness, the little sister is callous, need to see the eyes can be between two parts only free switch, let an audience look very interesting.

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Of acting pass a barrier 10 thousand alizarin red, having distinctive Yan Zhi. ” dozenth second ” no matter be tender girl or elegant girl, have a kind of distinctive taste. Light is to dress up with respect to the United States invite audience does not move look. Some people are same in different role, but in same department theatrical work, 10 thousand alizarin red it is different. Such acting and figure are modelled let undoubtedly ” dozenth second ” have charm more.

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” dozenth second ” successful, no matter be returned from acting,be gut for, not be accidental. If be other actress,deduce, the likelihood is done not have so ” scamper king ” the effect. Do you think so? What view do you have to this? The welcome leaves a message tell everybody!

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