Wed. Oct 5th, 2022
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Original title: Public praise of Bai Baihe new theatrical work flatly, does top shedding return the movie and TV before can stage a comeback? Recently, teleplay respect appeared a lot of plays about marriage, and ” our marriage ” the nature of a drama in masses field of vision is being entered afresh after serving as Baibai when to be lain between 4 years also got a lot of attention, to this drama, content is novel, full-time to instantly mother and woman are small made discuss, but also be float only at the surface.

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This lets everybody feel insufficient to use a heart. Although authority is more to Bai Baihe’s attention, hope she can reappear afresh piece perform the film and teleplay, but viewing rate of this kind of teleplay and discuss degree all do not amount to mark, regard Tecent key as a play that turn, did not achieve anticipate echo.

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To the actor of this drama, bai Baihe, tong Dawei, jiang Xin, regard the life as the frequenter of drama, battle array not common. Although conception is good, but temperature is not high. Bai Baihe is in end last after marital shadow, seem to had begun afresh the 2nd spring, and had 2 embryoes. The child’s father is some director, let everybody can’ted help making a lot of guess. But him Bai Baihe expresses to perform good theatrical work only just is only outlet, allow authority the look from inside the life, the ability in transferring a cause is skill.

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