Fri. Sep 30th, 2022
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Original title: ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” heat freeboard, be spoken to be belle illustrated handbook! Subject matter is distinctive, fire of Tan Jian secondary In recent years, market of drama of movie and TV has a very apparent law, it is suspense and guilty kind more and more get attention. Especially teleplay, if can accomplish logistic clarity to be hurt not forcedly, general grading is taller, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” it is outstanding Xin Rui!

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010-101 ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” leave before sowing, although announcement also is the course is cogitative, shift to an earlier date a few days to be able to see the warm-up of gregarious platform, but the expectation cost of the outside is average, we think advocate achieve personnel general. However, sow before long ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” momentum is spectacular, heat freeboard!

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Wait for statistic to just can see from cat eye, ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” real time lasts heat is one class, demonstrative audience is approbated to gut and character deductive. There still is vocabulary entry of 4 tall dangers on entertainment sheet is to mix ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” relevant, among them one speaks namely the belle is very much inside drama anthology.

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03010 lis belle content is very high! No matter be,for the dead the policewoman of reductive truth is mixed legal medical expert, still be the model in gut, it is murderer Jiang Ge even, qu La Xin, ren Xiaoxuan, etc. It is each distinctive belle!

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Say possibly like the netizen, chinese belle is too much, just some of actor did not get very good opportunity sees the beauty that has him distinguishing feature in teleplay, find the scenery pleasing to both the eye and the mind.

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By Tan Jian second act the leading role with Jin Shijia ” hunt blame illustrated handbook ” heat freeboard, illustrated handbook of belle be speakinged also is alluded for many times, especially ” Tan Jian second, ” the suspense crime theatrical work with this individual subject. Tan Jian second this meeting fire? A lot of vermicelli made from bean starch very expect!

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The blessing visits an official every constantly happy! Do you like ” gundog illustrated handbook ” with Tan Jian beautiful of second gold world? If what wants to say to drama anthology? Hope you come below the aspirations that comments on the ground to speak you, convenient word conveniently nods bit of attention, one key 3 even, thank you very much! Report / feedback

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