Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: Discriminate passes: When Shenyang eyebrow village dies, why should discriminate make up weak? Speak of ” discriminate is passed ” this teleplay, everybody is certain won’t unfamiliar, after all this can be a very classical teleplay. Although this drama has broadcasted very long, but everybody is right ” discriminate is passed ” have deep love for or never decrease. Up-to-date still have a lot of netizens gathering up ” discriminate is passed ” medium a few detail, so small today make up will have a look with respect to belt young associate ” discriminate is passed ” a medium little detail.

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At the outset when Shenyang eyebrow village dies, small those who but cry,make up is rare in, because Shenyang eyebrow village is hind Gong Zhongwei a one opposite for more kind-hearted woman. Her dead special also regrettablly, after all she is not by hind Gong Zhongji of his woman kill with poison, however difficult labor dies.

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Will attend eyebrow village funeral when the person such as discriminate when, do not know young associate people discover a strange part, did not wear heavy make-up on the face that is discriminate then, drew the makeup look of a special simple but elegant however. This also is discriminate what after answering palace from manna temple, change makeup appearance so first is weak, so does everybody know this is why?

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Believe to had looked ” discriminate is passed ” young associate knows, the feeling between discriminate and Shenyang eyebrow village is very deep, they are brought up twice together as a child, can saying is the concern with small hair. After entering palace, be to give aid to each other more do not leave do not abandon, they also are two hind Gong Zhongwei is the sister with good the other side to sincerity one by one.

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When eyebrow village dies, discriminate also is to cry cannot from already, she cannot accept Shenyang eyebrow village to leave her, so she Shenyang eyebrow village calculate the head in the emperor to go up to death.

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Discriminate is on the funeral of Shenyang eyebrow village, making up also is having profound meaning, this heretoes on behalf of the goodness with discriminate final , the road after also representing discriminate to be in wants the heart below firm, the deathtrap the emperor buy. She cannot let off the person that injures Shenyang eyebrow village, what cannot make Shenyang eyebrow village dead more is unidentified not white, also representing discriminate to think village of eyebrow letting Shenyang has a look at the same time at the outset that pure oneself. The makeup look that everybody knows discriminate is as her black change degree to be changed somewhat, the makeup look that the discriminate place when just entering palace draws is very weak, the makeup look from she just entered palace also shows her goodness. When discriminate by circumvent of China the wife of a prince when, her hairstyle became from neat bang in cent, this also shows discriminate no longer kind-hearted, move toward the road that is full of scheming step by step.

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When discriminate returns Gong Li from manna temple, in her makeup look is more whole drama most a paragraph of rich and gaudy. Make up thick on the funeral that so discriminate does not have village of eyebrow is in Shenyang, revealed discriminate to think oneself final goodness leaves Shen Mei the bank.

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When after funeral of Shenyang eyebrow village ends, discriminate restores the of discriminate of button blessing salary with that cold merciless once upon a time blood again. So young associate people feel discriminate was not on funeral of Shen Mei village is the picture strong makeup be because,what?

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