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Original title: ” ask a day ” obtain CCTV thrust, clique of 13 actual strength joins in, will become CCTV ” king bomb play ” ? The distance still has 3 days by 2021. Review this one year, group of movie and TV appeared a lot of good work. For instance ” arousal time ” ” exploit ” and for instance ” hill sea affection ” ” Si Teng ” be conscience make. However, by 2021, one the name is ” ” ask a day ” ” teleplay is below the circumstance that does not have any conduct propaganda be born, those who become CCTV ” scamper king drama ” tell about China this, the work of astronaut story got since broadcast of countless people chase after hold in both hands. So, what does this drama have good?

20220316020642 62314632deaa2

One, conception far-reaching, kernel is absorbing ” ask a day ” give priority to a line with the struggling course of Chinese spaceflight person, told about the development course of career of contemporary China spaceflight, transferred rare spaceflight drive to the audience. Without doubt, this work is the initiate inside course of study, move spaceflight enterprise screen first, invite an audience anew career of spaceflight of perspective understanding China.

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It is very novel that this kernel can say, enough attracts the eyeball of major audience. Of course, before the program broadcasts, netizens also have a few to be anxious. After all this kind of subject matter is more scientific. Once measure holds bad, become science and educational film very easily. Do not have friendly intercourse ” ask a day ” in light of current show, everybody can give up completely this apprehension.

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This drama is while understanding space is scientific, pay attention to a character very much model and depict. The disposition of every part in drama is very bright, feeling is very full also. Also plant because of this just about ” it is with the person this ” practice, this drama ability is a bit more the person is angry, just did not let it make a science and educational film.

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2, not exaggerated, do not sell miserable, craftsmanship is reductive of spaceflight person daily 003010 from 1996 ” grow accident of 3 second rocket ” the story begins. The person of understanding knows, this accident caused huge loss, bring about 6 dead 57 injuries. This the accident is all spacefarer hearts all the time medium painful, also let Li Defeng academician often go overnight. But ” ask a day ” dare to face up to the past, true present this work to the audience. Only this kind of brave spirit is laudable.

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Next, ” ask a day ” aim the daily life of true and reductive spacefarer. Carry this work, the audience also can understand astronaut better. Li Guang answer, the academician Li Defeng that act, after the rocket launchs failure complexion bleachs overnight; Hou Changrong, of personate consider year, the dean disregards everybody’s opposition, promote a youth;

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Return the square howl day that Xiao Su having approach acts, although he has talent very much, but he is a disposition very hotspur. He needs to be adjusted slowly with predecessor, ability develops actual strength. Now and then the moving way that discovers telegraph pole held off a satellite. Be disturbed to do not let a satellite, he disregards severe cold and sand blown by wind, ground of all night until dawn works, what guard a star truly is normal move.

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Similar issue still has a lot of, this also is an epitome that the spacefarer lives. To assure the normal evolution of spaceflight career, they can sacrifice a lot of things, it is oneself life even. Be the spirit of this kind of altruistic dedication, drove the ceaseless progress of Chinese spaceflight career, make China makes the world ” spaceflight powerful nation ” .

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3, clique of 13 actual strength is puissant if compare a teleplay,join in adult body, so the actor in drama is equivalent to the body going up ” flesh and blood ” . It is under their performance, whole department theatrical work just can become more plump. And in ” ask a day ” in this drama, a few main actors can says actual strength sends an actor, the performance of each person is very wonderful.

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Everybody was familiar with Ling Xiao respectful very much, besides ” Yao morning former husband ” besides this label, ling Xiao respectful also is accepted ” acting is sent ” , had shaped a lot of classical parts. He Yuqing regards drama as medium heroine, her acting is very solid also. Before this, she ever was in ” step by step Jing affection ” , ” the beauty in ark ” in waiting for drama, had presented wonderful performance. Person of this paragraph of time enrages Geng Le recently very tall, be in ” Chinese doctor ” , ” long ferry lake ” in waiting for public praise an excellent work, have his figure. His acting is very excellent, also inferior none compared with bone of one numerous old show color.

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Wu Jian also is one gives old actor, be in early 2000, he is in ” on the west travel notes ” hind the personate in passing ” Qiao Ling ” , this drama can say the childhood that is a lot of people was recollected. His acting also is beyond question, through so old burnish, grow to be sent for a mature actual strength already, its acting also suffers fully approbate.

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Besides these a few main actors, there still is familiar old show character in drama, resemble the person such as Li Guang answer, Hou Changrong, Wang Jianxin, Shi Ke, also each is actual strength clique. Under fine number, this ” ask a day ” assembled in clique of 13 actual strength actually, they each ” battle-scarred ” , added a lot of window for this drama. Light is this cast, be worth to pay close attention to very much, can saying is complete an acting is online.

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4, gut rhythm relaxation has degree, very much era is entered had carried before feeling, this drama was told about at the beginning in those days rocket accident, added the nervous touch of the audience. Later, around this thing derivative a few leading role, still have the conflict between them and contradiction. Enter audience area to the clue while, also made everybody sufficient understand the nature of every part.

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In retrospective story, the gut of whole department theatrical work also is Zhang Chi have degree. For instance, the satellite loses that period of time of couplet, integral rhythm is very fast, the spirit that invites an audience also stretchs tight closely subsequently. Pass everybody’s effort fortunately, discovered a satellite finally, removed this crisis, believe many audiences see this result, also loosened accordingly at a heat.

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This kind of from time to time the rhythm of insecurity of slow, from time to time, very much era is entered feeling, let an audience very easily arise in all affection. And, while gut develops, returned body to reveal spaceflight person to struggle difficultly, the spirit of take the bull by the horns, can saying is with one action is gotten more.

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5, CCTV opens year of big play, assemble in a name to make up a name to guide a drama cannot leave an actor wonderful gut, eligible actor, also cannot leave the preeminent group that make naturally. Above all, it is the director Zhang Li of this drama. He is the director of 81 film studioes, ceng Zhi has guided ” the 5th space ” , ” dimensional sharp ” , ” my holy road ” wait for work, also had taken large award for many times. Accordingly, no matter ability still is experience, zhang Li can weighs the tip inside course of study.

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” ask a day ” can have so wonderful gut, want to be attributed to playwrite of course. The playwrite Zhangli of this work is new, itself is the operation hand of a gleam of of a spaceflight. Accordingly, in the creation process of the play, he still combined himself old from already check, let this work look more true. Besides these two backbones, the link such as the photography in the group, editing and rearrangement, dress, very outstanding. In whole play staff give full cooperation under, presented an excellent work of this public praise finally for the audience.

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As year pressing the axis makes fun of greatly, ” ask a day ” leave oneself since sowing, got the attention of a lot of people. But meanwhile, this work also is standing enormous pressure. Of course, from the point of current effect, ” ask a day ” of this work or extraordinary success. Believe to be in next in the day, this work still can bring more surprises to everybody. — END —

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