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Original title: Than ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” 1.5 minutes tall, a day of Li Yitong new theatrical work become moustache close inspect a dark horse Than ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” 1.5 minutes tall, hu Yitian, Li Yitong new theatrical work ” my times, your times ” into a dark horse of Spring Festival archives.

20220316020749 623146758580c

The Spring Festival archives this year has work of many wonderful movie and TV to be being sowed in heat, act the leading role like Xiao Zhan ” fight Luo Daliu ” namely one explodes a hot drama, although temperature is very high, in many platform bully a list of names posted up, but this drama is more open to question also, many origianl work pink are adapted to picking horn and the plot of a play and not quite satisfactory, especially female advocate the focal point that acting also makes an audience spit groove.

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Besides ” fight Luo Daliu ” temperature is very high outside, other work did not resemble in former years in that way fire seeks theatrical work to entire network, heat is sowed medium ” skirt of the Neon since wind ” there are 4.8 minutes only in fabaceous valve, the Gao Yan that Xu Weizhou, Gulina plunges into is worth, did not bring very high public praise to this drama.

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Wu Jin make peace abundants peach acts the leading role ” green ” in fabaceous valve not quite ideal also, also be the result that only 4.8 is divide. Still have did not sow first of fire ” holiday warm complacently ” also did not achieve anticipate, going straight towards Bai Yu, Yao Chen to go originally, the show share that did not think of two main actors is so little that the show share that did not think of two main actors have pity on, instead is the show share at the beginning of roc and Zhang Jing some chicken ribs.

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Instantly heat sows still Hu Yitian and Hu Bingqing act the leading role ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” , regard Zhen Hua as one of trilogy, originally this drama dispute often suffers those who fix eyes upon, but leave after sowing, public praise is not ideal also, there is result of 5.3 minutes only in fabaceous valve.

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In archives of this Spring Festival, although,heat sows work a lot of, but achievement is goodish, have public praise hardly, stop the theatrical work of movie and TV that inspects Qi Fei. And Hu Yitian and Li Yitong act the leading role ” my times, your times ” be done not have at the beginning too much person is valued, think Li Yitong body is cold, the theatrical work that take is very hard fire.

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But those who make a person accident is, this drama that everybody does not value, cross layer upon layer barrier actually, show itself in work of drama of numerous movie and TV, become Spring Festival archives to close inspect a dark horse, this drama opens a picture 6.9 minutes, it is to be heated up at present in sowing work, achievement first-rate.

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Be in ” my times, your times ” just leave when sowing, many audiences think, have ” dear, those who have deep love for ” bead jade is advanced, the person morale of Li Xianhe Yang Zi is very high, before choosing horn to also be inferior to one of this drama, close inspect and public praise is affirmative also not as good as before one, but did not think of this drama was harvested actually a lot of reputably.

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Acting whole journey of Li Yitong is online, she and sweethearts of Hu Yitian partner, have Cp feeling very much it seems that, and although this drama also is dark love subject matter, but should compare ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” many sweet, still compare on fabaceous valve ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” tower above 1.5 minutes.

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Fill the with trifoliate orange of the name of a river in Shaanxi and Henan provinces feeling austral the Huaihe River, too feel sad letting a person, and in drama other feeling of a few pairs of sweethearts is very rough also, can saying to do not have is melting to. Such drama is chased after have some of nest heart really, the everybody opinion to this drama is not high normal also.

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And be in ” my times, your times ” in, although Wu Bai is dark also,loved Ai Qing 10 years, but after meeting from two people, be in all the time the hair candy of dark jab jab, do not have the clue of cruel heart, the candy that two leading role scatter is already much enougher, lian Nan 2 female 2 scatter candy in what keep, shen Zhe and Ai Jing this is absorbing also to Cp.

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Still have 97 of Li Mingde personate, very lovely also, raise to Wu Bai action. The grandfather that connects Wu Bai is divine secondary attack, when Ai Qing dates, wu Bai’s grandfather simply too give power, date of target a run on a bank speechless, whole scene laughs at a dot full, wu Bai’s grandfather, it is the roll booster on road of two people love really, adding to Wu Bai oily.

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Li Yitong often is denounced in this drama Central Africa happy event, acting is pretty good also, also more and more people approbate her acting, just sow before long afore ” marvelous girl ” in, li Yitong also is shown went out not the acting of common, result of 6.9 minutes was obtained on fabaceous valve, also be right level.

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Just began 2021, two drama harvested Li Yitong very pretty good public praise, look precipitated she old, want fire eventually, her acting also got an audience approbate, in later act art road, also meet broader and broader, more and more prosperous.

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Open a picture 6.9 minutes, hu Yitian new theatrical work ” my times, your times ” into a dark horse of Spring Festival archives, li Yitong wants fire eventually. In this drama the Communist Party of China, to Li Yitong’s acting, are you satisfactory still? Do you think this drama is compared ” dark love tangerine south unripe the Huaihe River ” public praise and close what to inspect tall reason to have? Chat together!

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