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Original title: Make an appointment number is lousy 6.8 million, broadcast a quantity nearly 500 million, ” survive ” chassis nots allow small gaze Record Xiao Zhan, everything related record and him. — little well note is had deep love for can touch years endless, let us become nicer person together.

20220316020833 623146a1871da

Recently, the city love drama that presents as leading role to act the leading role by Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” beforehand approximate number has been broken through 6.8 million, meanwhile, its broadcasted a quantity to also reach the level of nearly 500 million, although be apart from this drama broadcast formally the time that still has ten hours, but, the countless audiences expectation to this drama, it is to have however add without decrease, grow into exponential level even, also can see from this, ” survive ” (go to the lavatory to narrate, will ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” abbreviation is ” survive ” , full text is the same as) the batholith of this drama is what kind powerful, be what kind not allow small gaze.

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Say, we know, ” survive ” this drama has countless people expecting, countless people are in raise one’s head and look in order to long for, but, ask about this when somebody ” countless ” particular numerical value when, we have some of be rendered speechless, after all, in a lot of moment, this kind is being had ” broad sense ” on the vocabulary that depicts a sex, it is easy truly most thinking, blurt out, however, also just is such vocabulary, it is to do not have too much conviction most. Then, this moment, data appears particularly important.

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E.g. these two data that the article mentions, one is ” survive ” make an appointment number is lousy 6.8 million, one is ” survive ” broadcast a quantity nearly 500 million. Above all, before asking screen you do not want small look first these numbers, although these numbers look not so baronial with give a person with exciting, concussion, but, undertake them when us transverse contrast, after joining prefix, so, can discover they have how different common after all.

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Because everything of all these is to build,be in ” survive ” open sowed foundation not formally still to go up, in other words, make an appointment number is lousy 6.8 million it is such, broadcast a quantity nearly 500 million likewise such. And in watching recreation to encircle instead a few otherer of drama of movie and TV make an appointment to count and broadcast a quantity how. Want to know, be in the point that the place that little well looks reachs, drama of a few movie and TV is leaving before sowing, make an appointment number is lousy 1 million it is to meet by particularize, be introduced to to heat up search even, and ” survive ” made an appointment to reach fault first degree several times directly, and in order to exceed 1 million sixfold achievement, laugh be proud all corners of the country.

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Besides, broadcast a quantity nearly 500 million, this goes up according to calculating of positive broadcast a quantity (essential also imponderable on, after all, positive has not been shown formally) , and this Wan Reyao the number of eye stars, it is completely recumbent a few premonitory hit, under photograph comparing, even if the drama of a few movie and TV of instantly has left sow 229 collect, broadcast a quantity to had been not defeated 100 million, such example it may be said cans be found everywhere, too numerous to mention one by one. So, ” survive ” so powerful batholith, how could does not make a person colourful admire, how could does not let a person gasp in admiration again and again.

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So, ” survive ” chassis is early the generation of a few phenomena after been destined. Want to know, not allow so the batholith of small gaze, whole recreation encircles scan widely, it is little little, rare (want to write originally ” it is only presence ” , but, think carefully under, modest still to go up, if have affront more, excuse me please) , this also makes everything after this drama goes situation very be valued, also be let his thought flow freely to the utmost.

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About letting one’s thought flow freely, no more than is as follows: For instance ” survive ” always broadcast a quantity, can exceed ” fight Luo Daliu ” 5.7 billion, also for instance ” survive ” the city love theatrical work that can make form of phenomenon of a the whole people, give this to show iciness and helpless time slightly, smooth add a few minutes of sweetness, bring endless warm meaning, be worth wait and see what happens. Little well takes notes: Not allow of small gaze ” survive ” , not allow the actor of small gaze resembles battle, not allow each goes all out in work hard person of small gaze!

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