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Original title: Thunder favorable reply develops course, take present place, because of these 4 Bai Le Now ” between the world ” this drama is already terminal, allow authority which actor is is impression the deepest?

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The Zhou Bingkun that thunder favorable reply acts in this drama is very provoking a part that feel distressed. But the person that there also is a lot of to help him beside him. Resemble his father, his elder brother, his wife, the friend beside him is to give him force and the person that support.

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And between reality, he goes to show buy of v/arc be on the throne, because also encountered 4 Bai Le in life. Introduce the development course of thunder favorable reply to everybody next.

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Everybody knows thunder favorable reply is northeast person, having northeast person’s hopeful and forthright nature, his parents also did not live to often make excessive demands severely when Central Africa in his study he.

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So thunder favorable reply studies result as a child and do not have particularly outstanding. Then he went up only high school, after graduation, parents suggests he goes trying model.

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Prepare in thunder favorable reply when verifying model, he encountered Xiao He of Lv of the 1st Bai Le. After he is contacted with thunder favorable reply, discover thunder favorable reply has those who become an actor to go qualitative, after he talked one time with thunder favorable reply, thunder favorable reply decides to study a performance.

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For can professional study show, he takes book to begin to learn afresh again, take an examination of Shanghai Thespian institute finally. Still be when the school, he goes out performed theatrical work of the first movie and TV, step recreational group formally.

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Although thunder favorable reply goes out performed theatrical work of a movie and TV, but he searching to give the play that perform after graduation is a few minor minor role. Encircle the minor role that performed 8 years in recreation alone with respect to such thunder favorable reply, encountered him eventually the 2nd uncle Le Ninghao.

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The Ning Hao invites him to be in the film ” case of gold big disaster ” inside personate male advocate. This also is thunder favorable reply the 1st hero that act gives after crossing recreation to encircle.

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He cherishs the opportunity of this hard-earned very much, in filmed process, to take a good effect, was hit more than 10 times inside the play of a slap sb in the face.

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Eventually, his effort was seen, because of this film he went up a fame, also proved his own actual strength. In sound is 34 thunder beautiful years old when, encountered cliff of his Shenyang of the 3rd Bai Le. He is invited by Shen Yan a drama is made act male 2. This part was gone to by expression of thunder favorable reply acme, he also red because of this drama rise.

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After this he began to have more and more resource, a lot of people invite him to go personate male 1. At that time he encountered road of his the 4th Bai Le plum. Li Lu is ” between the world ” the director of this drama.

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The battle array it may be said inside this drama is very powerful, have a lot of actual strength cliques and old show character join. Thunder favorable reply because oneself qualifications and record of service is too shallow, ever had refused this theatrical work. But in the director insist to fall, he joined this rank. The fact proves, the eye that Li Lu directs is very accurate. Thunder favorable reply behaves the Zhou Bingkun inside this drama incisively and vividly, obtained what bone often makes fun of inside this drama to approbate, more won wide audience friends love.

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This walks along thunder favorable reply to be all the way smooth, but he encountered other to give birth to medium Bai Le however, this he is exceedingly lucky, but this more the effort that cannot leave his itself. After this drama, everybody begins more and more expect him next new work.

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