Sat. Oct 8th, 2022
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Original title: ” life important matter ” release placard Zhu Yilong is new piece subject matter sucks eyeball

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Delay Jiang Jiang of supervise the manufacture of, Liu by Han hold guide, the film that Zhu Yilong presents as leading role to act the leading role ” life important matter ” will on March 20, on March 26, on March 27, lead dot will be mirrorred on April 1, the whole nation will be shown on April 2. A few days ago, this commentate piece ” kind the star is familial ” placard, zhu Yilong, Yang En, knot of Liu Ji of Wang Ge, Liu appears, they will use droll, warm old practice in film, show to the audience see the practitioner of funeral and interment that is like iciness how be become ” kind the person of star ” . The film ” life important matter ” told about Mo Sanmei of division of funeral and interment to be in in be released after serving a sentence to hold a funeral procession after before long, encountered orphan Wu Xiaowen, the occurrence meaning other place of little article changed him to be opposite the manner of profession and life. In the placard that released recently, mo Sanmei of practitioner of funeral and interment (Zhu Yilong is acted the role of) , Wang Jianren (Wang Ge is acted the role of) , silvery white snow (Liu Liu is acted the role of) , as little as orphan fierce article (Yang En is acted the role of again) appear simultaneously, “Kind the star is familial ” build up with casing. Piece in, everybody has by ” abandon ” associate with. Director Liu Jiang Jiang expresses: “I want a feeling that holds a group in the arms to warm oneself. ” then, the 4 people that give aid to each other concluded in get along not only the affection like family, little article more gifted from child child perspective they are warm on the profession and dazzling meaning — ” kind the person of star ” . Zhu Yilong also expresses: “These a few look seem quite disharmonious person substantial very complementary however, kind of heavenly body that they formed this very harmoniously to have love is familial. ” it is reported, old and well-known family of funeral and interment of one’s previous experience of river of river of Liu of this playwrite, director, quite deep to feeling of theme of life and death. 2018, its are in visit and other places of white foreign form sediment after on-the-spot collect folk songs, considered giving story embryonic form, borrow story of subject matter of funeral and interment to deliver well the living, positive theme that enjoys the life. 2019, liu Jiang Jiang was finished achieve a play formerly ” God hall ” (hind incognito for ” life important matter ” ) , be seleted film of the 3rd smooth Yao to exhibit by this project ” Ping Yao is achieved cast ” unit. Before this, seldom see the movie of subject matter of funeral and interment on Chinese film market, and what give priority to horn with practitioner of funeral and interment is more little little. To this, han Yan of supervise the manufacture of expresses: “” life important matter ” either go up from subject matter seek novelty, because,not be rare be short of ability to pat, because this subject matter suits to bear the weight of more,be we the reflection to life and death. ” reporter Li Li

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