Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Small S discloses what detail says to envy an elder sister to video of big S couple communicates ” strange unreal life “

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On March 15, according to stage intermediary report, big S (Xu Xiyuan) announced to provide Jun Ye to remarry a few days ago, nevertheless sequel has a report to because beforehand was not informed,call big S mom, very angry, by little sister small S (Xu Xidi) when ” peacemaker ” . Small S attended brand activity on March 15 when, the pertinent question of liberal response elder sister and mom. She discloses, big S and when providing Jun Ye video to communicate, oneself also have by, the hope can meet with elder sister’s husband as soon as possible, “I say with my elder sister her life resembles strange unreal novel, good envy her life dream, my life is good realistically. ” be asked about when small S big S is afraid with after providing Jun Ye to meet ” disillusion ” when the problem, small S expresses, tell herself when big S already with after providing Jun Ye to be contacted again, she has curiosity to had asked big S: “Can you love to rise how? ” also divulge both sides calls everyday, video communicates, “The meeting when video communicates sees the look of the other side, he did not open United States colour completely, wear a skin, exceed MAN, it is person of many years old 50, just when video communicates, my elder sister has tell with me say ‘ Ou Ba has frighten say you did not change how completely, before following 20 years you exactly like ‘ , my sister says ‘ but you changed Ye ‘ , became another kind of MAN. ” small S is being interviewed in also refer big S and mom present state, she discloses mother and daughter two already had eaten a meal together, the relation has improved, “We love my Mom very much, my elder sister (remarry) this thing is meddlesome affection, (she and Wang Xiaofei) bilateral peace is separate, each other bless the other side, my elder sister found new love, it what have is good to what have prevent, I replace her happy have not enough time, it is the handsome Ou Ba 20 years ago, I am envied be no good, support my elder sister certainly. My Mom can feel firm to end a paragraph of course, such can too actuation, be based on daughter of afraid, love, hard to avoid has some of sentiment. ” in addition, before be aimed at big S mom, in socialization platform sticks a cock design, dark point to a Jun Ye to fasten snatch daughter, more mention ” peck you dead ” be related, small S emphasizes mom just wanting to abreact anger, after the event more praise the show before providing Jun Ye is very handsome.

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