Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Pan Changjiang denies false conduct propaganda to sell wine be related to say to slander to ill will Zhang date investigates legal duty

20220316040050 623160f29dd51

(Shyl/ article) 15 days, pan the Yangtse River says he publicizes be related selling wine phonily on response network. He expresses ” the price that the supplier gives out is the price between direct seeding, I am very true very honest also, to me how much sell between how many direct seeding, so I had not made the least bit and false conduct propaganda ” . In the meantime, pan Changjiang expresses to slander to ill will advocate peace with the rich that garble the individual investigates legal duty, withhold testimony to cankered sale date, protect oneself legitimate rights and interests. Before this, sale date releases Pan Changjiang to say in the direct seeding that take money president of fuddle wine line of business obtains the information that the price counterpoises falsely.

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Pan Changjiang says ” fuddle Maotai president takes a price to counterpoise ” be related, he states he had not said this word from A to Z, this video is to garble, this is a kind of mistake guiding, especially now is times of network cool and bright. They return connection to explode too the rich of makings this matter advocate, the other side states he also does not have evidence, whats did not say. He says: “Do not believe the net is cruel before, believed now, the net is cruel too terrible, let me work all one’s life, special be bitterly disappointed ” , “I am clear, I had not said such word. I had not said such word..

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In the meantime, pan Changjiang also was responded to ” Pan hand in ” be related. He says ” it is the uncle care to the nephew, ask everybody to not be in black I ” , the account that at the same time he represents to do not have a response all the time is not to wish to take up public natural resources, he is reductive all the details of incident of goods of belt of direct seeding of dissuasive at that time Xie Mengwei. This matter former by it is to be in direct seeding of Xie Mengwei, pan Changjiang sees the picture of cry bitterly of Wei thanking the first month, undertake connecting a line with him. Pan Changjiang says to him: ” child, you listen to father’s younger brother one persuades, do not have a thing to fasten total direct seeding, that thing deceives people, take sport well, fasten not attend to one’s proper works or duties. Fasten not attend to one’s proper works or duties..

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