Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Company of the mother austral Zhou Zhen is restored to carry out 2751 beyond at present amount be executived already exceeded this company accumulative total 50 million yuan

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The eye that seize a day checks App to show, recently, sichuan province is happy to lotus root starch of prefectural day pool finite liability company adds a refreshment that carry out information newly, more than yuan 27.51 million of executive mark, executive court is court of people of area of river of wild goose of city of endowment this world. Current, this company accumulative total is carried out total amount already exceeded 50 million yuan. This company legal representative reachs executive trustee to hold general manager concurrently to be Yang Houchao (the mother austral Zhou Zhen) , hold by its about 93.86% , for the biggest partner.

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