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Original title: The whole nation exceeds 15% cinemas to close stop grail day booking office to drop to 16 million

20220316040113 6231610942df8

(Ha Mai / civil) shadow city Leng Sanyue, the Hollywood entrance that received some weight eventually is big ” mysterious maritime space ” , this chose to open a picture in Zhou Yi, showed first days on March 14, box-office only 12.36 million yuan, seat of honour is led 2.5% . On March 15, booking office drops to 7.79 million yuan, seat of honour is led 1.7% .

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On one hand, the heat that is film itself and appeal are insufficient. On the other hand, domestic epidemic situation rebounds again, the cinema of much ground closes stop, also affected the psychology watching a movie of grail booking office and audience greatly. ” mysterious maritime space ” it is Suo Ni a movement that movie industry takes seriously very much takes a risk to be made greatly, adapt according to homonymic game, by ever had patted ” the ground of corpse ” ” venom: Deadly the person that guard ” rash Ben Fuleisiche hold guide, “Holand younger brother ” Tom Helande acts the leading role, told a romance about searching gold. Mainland of this North America already was shown on Feburary 18, public praise, booking office does not calculate ideal, sodden tomato is fresh degree 40% , north America is box-office 113 million dollar, overseas booking office 188 million dollar, accumulative total of global booking office 301 million dollar. This film-making cost 120 million dollar, final likelihood just is answered this, profiteering possibility is not large.

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As a result of the influence of epidemic situation, the whole nation already had on 1000 cinemas to close, add new without heavy pound piece show, booking office of countrywide odd-numbered days has dropped defeated 20 million yuan, was 16.29 million yuan on March 15, can say very gloomy. According to data of edition of cat eye major, the cinema that the whole nation was doing business on March 14 (there is effective platoon that day piece) 9634, countrywide cinema business rate 70.87% . Calculate by this data, countrywide cinema number is 13594, among them 3960 close stop.

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Big bill storehouse Shanghai, Shenzhen, and the Jilin, Inner Mongolia, Shaanxi, Shanxi impact that get is bigger. Shanghai on March 14 practice cinema only 61, business rate 16.58% , the Guangdong that Shenzhen is in omits cinema business rate 61.14% , jilin cinema business rate 13.19% , shaanxi cinema business rate 48.27% , business rate of Inner Mongolia cinema 58.37% , shanxi cinema business rate 65.85% . Data of beacon major edition and edition of cat eye major differ somewhat. Edition data shows beacon major, the whole nation had 9690 cinemas to do business on March 14, business rate 85.2% , with this computation, completely state-owned cinema 11373, 1683 close stop.

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Beacon data shows, shanghai cinema did business on March 14 leading is 19.3% , jilin cinema business rate is 15.6% , shandong cinema business rate is 69.3% , guangdong cinema business rate is 76.1% , shaanxi cinema business rate is 74.3% , unconscious cinema business rate is inside 75.2% , shanxi cinema business rate is 79.5% .

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