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Original title: Because Deng Lun steals dodge a tax to explode thunder, when ” the top flows ” not be a good assignment Sohu recreation stalks of grain only (hill today / civil) another discharge to turn over. On March 15, deng Lun is exploded evade taxes evade taxation — through dummy business changeover income property undertakes be declaringed phonily, escape secretly individual income tax forty-seven million six hundred and fifty-eight thousand two hundred yuan, other little capture individual income tax thirteen million nine hundred and ninety-three thousand two hundred yuan, impose fine for delaying payment, penalty finally, altogether pursue and wipe out 106 million yuan.

20220316040303 62316177f1ba7

A year in, wu Yifan, Zheng Shuang, osmund Ya, Deng Lun, the head players inside these industries, explode one after another thunder, between one night ” disappear ” encircle in recreation. 2022, should ” discharge ” be still a good assignment really? Early a few years, becoming a top to flow is each star and manager group heart are yearning almost thing — rich, have show, have business affairs, speech counterpoises, still countless vermicelli made from bean starch escort the Emperor convoy, charge forward. But in the value system in new era, “The top flows ” what had been no longer commendatory word. It often is accompanying high risk — can collapse evade taxes of room, meeting, meeting is disappeared by cool and bright, meeting by scamper date, meeting. 01 top shedding to turn over are recorded last year July, wu Mou altogethers to as if into the detention house one adumbrates, from now on ground of top shedding one after another is flat in former days — of back-to-back move in August, zheng Shuang explodes again thunder. If say Wu Yifan’s problem still is not had too much representative, so the Zheng Shuang that because steal money of dodge a tax,is checked, the shake of duty Wu earth that started recreational group truly. Last year on August 27, bureau of the first check represents Shanghai revenue, zheng Shuang is suspected of with ” contract of yin and yang ” dodge a tax, came to the individual income of 191 million was not declared lawfully 2020 2019, evade taxes forty-five million two hundred and sixty-nine thousand six hundred yuan, other little capture imposition twenty-six million five hundred and twenty thousand seven hundred yuan. Begin to ferment by the acting pregnant disturbance of the beginning of the year, to ” contract of yin and yang ” , evade taxes is checked, small gain of Zheng Shuang is in in August by scamper, page of person of fabaceous valve shadow disappears, join the work of drama of movie and TV that has performed to be fallen to wear.

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After Zheng Shuang is checked before long, many actor the same night cancel atelier, recreational group did not have activity temporarily later. Her thunder, flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil of kingdom of preexistence direct seeding left. Last year 11 bottoms, xue Li, Lin Shanshan steals money of dodge a tax through dummy business, it is subsequently — date of pay tax evaded, amerce, apology, blast, disappear. Xue Li ” disappear ” after a month, once ” direct seeding bound one elder sister ” osmund Ya escaped secretly one more exaggerated imposition — 643 million, impose fine for delaying payment, penalty finally, in all capture 1.341 billion.

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The look pullbacks recreational group. Zheng Shuang explodes thunder after 7 months, recreational group takes the lead in receiving next this thunder, be before the Deng Lun with public relatively good figure. He Xueli, Lin Shanshan is same, deng Lun also is to pass dummy business to steal money of dodge a tax. He Weiya is same, deng Lun also just is after be being reminded, still rectify and reform not complete, undertake the duty Wu of full-scale development is checked then. Lessons drawn from others’ mistakes is placed in at the moment, still turned over a car however.

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Above encircles these people that disappear in recreation, it is to scoop up gold almost the top of the first echelon formation flows people. The reason of to turn over each are not identical — or because be suspected of forcible rape, or because of evade taxes evade taxation, but identical is, they connect the most primary abide by period abide by the law did not accomplish. 02 crowded broken head is become discharge, worth while still? The discharge star nowadays has been a worth while and yearning assignment no longer. Before they can win day price remuneration, high grade film contract very easily, but after the industry moves toward standardization, the money that leaves discharge star and position already not much. The most intuitionistic, day price remuneration by for many times public proclamation limitation. At the beginning of 2020, wide report total bureau issues an announcement, ask all actor total remuneration must not exceed 40% of the totle drilling cost that make clearly, main actor remuneration must not exceed 70% of total remuneration. This year in Feburary, print and distribute of wide report total bureau ” ” 945 ” Chinese teleplay develops a program ” , promotion use standardization, system is changed, the work contract such as the remuneration that makes type unite.

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With be restricted firewood makes the measure of form a complete set, encircle the revenue management of star to recreation namely. Last year in September, after Zheng bright evade taxes is checked, the China Communist News Ministry is caused ” the announcement that administers the job integratedly about developing entertainment field ” , included among them ” strengthen entertainment domain to manage from taxation of personnel of course of study ” . Zheng Shuang is informed against, and follow-up Lin Shanshan, Xue Li, osmund Ya, Deng Lun, analyse discovery through taxation big data.

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Big data, large-scale tax inspection, also forced the industry moves toward standardization. As a warning to others. After star of many industries head is flat, of the concoct various pretexts such as invoice of the those fractionation income inside course of study, duty that hang empty, empty steal method of dodge a tax, can be normal no longer. Be restricted below firewood, tax inspection, banned combination fist, prices of together with platform is bad also, discharge, star people can the money of gain is met only less and less.

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Market environment also is changing. Discharge can act before big IP, big make, the play that is squeezed into the name to guide. But now, best resource, name guides epicycle of your work radical was less than discharge to star. Those tops in the past flow people, also struggle hard on the road of past transition actor. Asked discharge to become price of a sex to compare very small issue, acting is bad, audience not buy it, explode easily still thunder. ” black wear in one’s hair goes ” do not have a message up to now, and Deng Lun left ” nocturnal traveller ” , it is the S+ big play of platform.

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Money is little, joke is little, vermicelli made from bean starch came loose quickly also. Rely on vermicelli made from bean starch to boost the flow that rise people, lost in action of cool and bright ” the meal is encircled ” . Prohibit ” each other is ripped ” , hit a list of names posted up no longer, collect money, krypton gold ” pass on ” the means of God love also becomes dangerous, before cohesive affinity is inferior to greatly. The charge forward of vermicelli made from bean starch is not allowed, escort the Emperor convoy no longer strong. Discharge stars people also lost a the hardest protection to overspread from this.

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Be in when whole period when rejecting discharge, the identity that the top sheds made target of public criticism it seems that. Chinese news network comments on the small gain of incident of Deng human relations to fall, criticism of a high praise writes: “Total flow star is checked. ” almost when every have a top to shed to turn over, similar comment can appear.

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Heart do not deserve, high-key get rich, after causing allergy, also can get naturally stricter examine, more serious turn over bite. The gift that this is a destiny probably is early darkling sign became good the price. 03 to turn over are apocalyptic arrive from pay tax evaded, apology scamper date, disappear, of Deng Lun steal incident of dodge a tax to come to an end temporarily, but collapse room, to turn over, explode thunder won’t stop. If say these is forced that leave recreation,the top of the circle flows people, left what enlightenment, the most important still is abide by discipline abide by the law, pay tax on time. Popular feeling is not worth a snake to swallow an elephant. Below the setting of big tax inspection, any having an insatiable desire for read aloud, fluky psychology does not escape to pass big data. Osmund Ya, Deng Lun is first ” check filling capture actively oneself ” , be rectified and reform by discovery later not complete, was rectified and reform thoroughly. This also reminded the person of the same trades inside course of study probably, beg in danger of riches and honour must not, pay an overdue tax is one-time fill enough, it is the model that be caught otherwise. Abide by discipline is abide by the law it is the basiccest only of course. Earth epicenter is encircled in the recreation nowadays, low-key work, low-key doing a talented person is living path. Vermicelli made from bean starch blows data to much better, business affairs has gold of much fiercer, krypton to much fiercer, resource has many again nowadays top class, no less than baked God wearing in igneous caboodle.

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It is besides this, essence of life won’t make mistake forever into professional ability. Since discharge wants to cast off the label of discharge, become an actor well, that with respect to should dedicated performance, is not to go up often put together art scoops up gold, establish an actor person to set only. Flow when the top people can accomplish ” heart just match ” when, just be real security when.

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