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Original title: Jin Qiaoqiao says he grows foreign flavour, cannot personate farmer, be used by Gong Li however acting makes a face Jin Qiaoqiao says him too foreign flavour, cannot perform the role of the farmer, but the face that Gong Li made him with his acting. China has a lot of actors, everybody has his special skill or knowledge. The major role that he performs leaves his life not far, but a truly fine actor or the part that need to try different type will promote his. Jin Qiaoqiao itself is a dancer. She is very beautiful. Later, she is admitted by Beijing film institute, become an actor. After graduation, she goes out acted ” on the west travel notes, ” continuation, she acted amid peacock princess, left deep impression to the audience. The major role that she performs later is mixed oneself very picture. Although she is so old,took a lot of prize, but neither one is to rely on acting to take really, she also does not rely on acting to get along.

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A lot of people say to let her try to perform the role of a farmer, but she says herself very foreign flavour, very few go to the countryside, cannot perform the role of the farmer, the life of the farmer leaves her too far. But the dissatisfaction that this word caused a lot of audiences, say she does not have professional accomplishment, but had not played before cannot oneself played. Nevertheless, later Gong Li, regard Chinese a gleam of as the film, acted the leading role the film ” red broomcorn ” , ” chrysanthemum beans ” , ” Qiu Ju lawsuit ” etc. Still have bear the palm of movies of a few countries.

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Gong Li compares Jin Qiaoqiao, more foreign flavour, her gas field also is gotten greatly than her much. But perform those who won all audiences to approbate, she also is faced with her acting she can take sport again rarely now, although her husband direct, he is the president of movie company, invested a lot of films, but the wife that never lets him attends, this shows Dong Buxi is joyous the acting of his wife.

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