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Original title: ” ace army ” the intermediary that catch end nods assist, old in a tough guy of 3 Dai Jun brigade assemble in blueness, is each martial bully gas? In recent years, army brigade teleplay is the mainstream of the market all the time. But be in numerous in army brigade drama, can calculate on outstanding little however little. On December 26, the name is ” ace army ” teleplay leaves sow, the accord that obtained central media not only reputably, while violent wind of person energy of life rises viewing rate also was surmounted ” small quick home ” .

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Li Youbin, he Zhengjun, huang Jingyu, fu Chengpeng, the person such as Xiao Zhan is ” ace army ” join. This drama can say is ” a tough guy of 3 Dai Jun brigade ” party, be worth to expect very much. Be in before in work, they were modelled a lot of classical ” a tough guy ” . What kind of scintilla did they give in the collision in this drama?

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One, personate of Huang Jingyu Huang Jingyu ” broomcorn ” , the son of a collier. He origin is common has active up heart, face all difficulty can precipitant. Plant to this ” passion is green ” the part of the type, huang Jingyu all the time very reach the designated position. In addition, since going out, huang Jingyu acted the part of a lot of soldier types, the audience performs special all the time admiration to his.

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Be opposite so for him, the work handy of martial subject matter. So, want Huang Jingyu to be developed normally only, it is for certain in passing line above. In the before 6 concentration that just broadcast, huang Jingyu’s expression can be encircled can nod, get on person body ” unripe calf is not afraid of a tiger first ” sensory expression gets incisively and vividly. Believe he is in next the meeting in drama has more wonderful show.

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2, Xiao Zhan is in this drama, xiao Zhan and yellow Jing Yu were comprised ” 2 people ” battle array, this also is outstanding the one big characteristic of teleplay of army brigade subject matter. And the part disposition of two people differs completely, added window for this one dramatic addition. If say, of Huang Jingyu personate ” sorghum ” be red-blooded the youth with passion. Then, ” consider ” mature and sedate.

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Of course, this also has very big concern with their one’s previous experience. “Consider ” be born in family of a soldier, accept militarization education as a child, bring about him introvert, professional accomplishment is taller. Join the actor that performs teleplay of army brigade subject matter as first time, xiao Zhan is advanced the performance of a few collect is very excellent, when performing adversary to make fun of with the person such as Huang Jingyu, a bit does not fall ahull.

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” ace army ” , teleplay first days of make a good beginning, welcome degree of Xiao Zhan also sees one spot. After all, the Xiao Zhan last year is already deep-set scandal, and this he can go out perform leading role, he can have held for certain. Also expect he is in ” ace army ” medium bright look is wonderful expression. Do not make the vermicelli made from bean starch that supports him more so disappointed.

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3, Li Youbin although Huang Jingyu and Xiao Zhan are the leading role in drama, but the actor that has decision effect truly or Li Youbin come for years, li Youbin was modelled countless ” Tie Xiejun’s person ” figure, especially ” bright sword ” medium ” Li Yunlong ” . Although crossed so much year, people still is take delight in talking about. J2lq49k0/cd030262b83b428caef3460276a30ef4? From=pc"> and, li Youbin itself is military one’s previous experience, had not been familiar with again to this kind of part. Accordingly, li Youbin can go out act, also be added a minute of safeguard for this drama. From the point of Li Youbin’s expression, can say only ” old show bone is old show bone ” , military accomplishment already bake in a pan was in his in one’s heart, what every act can reflect a soldier is idiosyncratic.

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The netizen says, hear Li Youbin’s voice, remember he is in ” bright sword ” medium wonderful performance, press this drama to affirm a fault by him not. And, this Li Youbin is to taking He Zhengjun to be joined together act, two people be the same as casing again, estimation can evoke the memory that has a lot of people.

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4, He Zhengjun mentioned bright sword medium ” Li Yunlong ” , that is certain little not ” Zhao Gang ” . He Zhengjun also is the frequenter of subject matter of an army brigade, besides ” bright sword ” besides, he still has performed many famous army brigade theatrical work. This, he and Li Youbin are in ” ace army ” in cooperate once more, evoke the memory that had many audiences. Light is this stunt, attract with respect to enough a lot of ” bright sword ” old pink.

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And He Zhengjun’s acting, also be beyond question. After all, experienced the ablution of so much work, his acting is early already high degree of professional proficiency. Believe to be in this work, he Zhengjun follows Li Youbin this pair of old partners, also can produce strong chemical reaction, let an audience review ” bright sword ” experience.

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5, Fu Chengpeng to paying close attention to the audience of army brigade drama for, fu Chengpeng also is an old friend. From 2009, he is depended on ” line of snipe life and death ” after becoming famous, fu Chengpeng is joined in succession performed work of subject matter of a lot of army brigade, shaped many military image.

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Can say, his assurance to this kind of figure, a bit is not inferior at bone of before two old show. And, itself grows Fu Chengpeng loftily big and tall, special the part that agrees with a soldier. Before ” I am special type arms ” ” with the wolf in all dance ” in, also can see Fu Chengpeng’s acting and actual strength.

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Nevertheless, after Fu Chengpeng is hit oneself and Cheng Su divorces, deep-set all the time ” freakish ” in news, so resource also drops substantially, press a root before a few years to do not have good work, believe to be able to grasp an opportunity this certainly. Although, the show share of Cheng Peng of teach of before a few concentration is less. But, believe to be from the back, he can bring wonderful show to everybody certainly.

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6, Xu Honghao Xu Honghao also is one of window in this drama, the audience that is familiar with him knows, these year of army brigade theatrical work that compares fire is medium, basically have his figure. Everybody is for instance hep ” line of snipe life and death ” ” my brother makes arrange smooth ” ” the igneous phoenix of special type arms ” ” battalion of peace keeping dogface ” in waiting for drama, can see Xu Honghao’s figure.

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Be in this ” ace army ” in, xu Honghao serves as one of main actors, share of most propbably show won’t be too little, like his audience, can big feast one’s eyes on. Be worth what carry is, wife Liu Xiao Jie of Xu Honghao also goes out performed this work, the adversary between husband and wife makes fun of, also make a person special expect.

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7, Hou Mengsha mentions army brigade drama, certain little not Hou Mengsha. Since going out, hou Mengsha has performed the role besides the soldier hardly, she still is called by netizens accordingly ” most the U.S. Army is beautiful ” . These year come, she is in a lot of work, shaped the female soldiers image that heroic bearing ofs material bearing, everybody is opposite most propbably of her personate ” Tang Xinyi ” , ” reach the clouds ” conformal quality is impressive.

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Be in before in work, hou Mengsha’s expression is to be able to encircle what can nod all the time. This she can go out act ” ace army ” , also give a lot of audiences that love her, brought a surprise. Hope she is in this drama, can maintain oneself consistent style, continue to display on oneself masterly acting.

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8, everybody also was familiar with Zhong Chuxi Zhong Chuxi very much, in the film ” fragrant China ” in, she ever had shown the military elegant demeanour of bright look, still borrowed this to take 100 beautiful prize ” after the shadow ” nomination. Say Zhong Chuxi finally, because she is in this drama,be, it is a the most crucial role. Of her personate ” Changjiang Delta is asked for ” it is drama in exclusive female advocate, and two male advocate fall in love at first sight to her.

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Though be in army brigade drama, emotional play is in awkward position all the time, but undeniable, be in ” ace army ” in, “Changjiang Delta is asked for ” this part development to gut, having important pushing to move action. Zhong Chuxi’s acting is beyond question also, it is to be able to be maintained for certain case female advocate figure, expect she has more wonderful show.

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Just left sow 2 hours, the heat of this drama overtakes ” knife of the bold in snow goes ” , ” small quick home ” wait for heat to sow drama, sheet looks from this achievement, ” ace army ” was 2021 undoubtedly the end of the year is the largest win the home. Of course, confuse to many army brigade drama for, the emotional play in drama has really some redundant. Nevertheless, this drama just just broadcasts, believe retrospective drama is centered, all actors can have more wonderful show. — END —

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