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Original title: Zhang Song article: Run nobody uses 800 play staffs, use now ” revolutionary ” the acting that proves oneself? On July 1 ” revolutionary ” head sow, zhang Song article is used true, exercise restraint, the acting that erupt conquered audience. Although the appearance of Zhang Song article and Li Dazhao, gentleman not very similar, but his bearing and temperamental and perfect ground are reductive Li Dazhao’s elegant demeanour, your countless audiences weep for it.

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It is especially in the speech of pair of youth students, it is stirring really, let a person can’t help be born to have the idea that such revolutionary ability acts as a guide for country and people only. According to introducing, to film the setting of hang oneself, zhang Song article holds to need not vicarious, film personally for many times, be evaluated to be by the play staff ” be in with life acting actor ” .

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” revolutionary ” when brushing screen, public praise is very good. View special subject piece, the audience of the cinema couldn’t help crying. Whole department film is true and reductive the experience of Mr Li Dazhao, rhythm is compact, photograph of clue annulus annulus is buckled. Narrative skill is used to rich story.

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This film gives priority to horn with Mr Li Dazhao, around move he and a few relevant characters, thereby the nature that actively reflected Mr Li Dazhao and spirit. In the meantime, film is perfect emersion his achievement and this paragraph of history. The depict of leading role Mr Li Dazhao is very exquisite, every story has lachrymal dot to also have window already.

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Especially that play of carry out a death sentence, the audience looks in the intention all the time, li Dazhao’s eyes, movement, expression is waited a moment special move audience. This film is to represent a great historical person not just, mixed the life of Mr Li Dazhao and feeling however, make whole part more lively, more resemble a person.

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Must admit, ” revolutionary ” earn really sufficient the tear of the audience, some schoolgirls cry from the beginning even end. Be this kind of motion picture that temperature has feelings, just be excellent thematic movie, just be best gift piece.

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We acquired Mr Li Dazhao on historical lesson, ” revolutionary ” surmount these achievement book, present us through the performance. This is to let us learn this paragraph of history, let us remember our revolutionary ancestors. Without their effort, do not have today’s wedding day, this ability is the most principal port.

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In this film, the performance of all actors is praiseworth. Of course, zhang Song article is such mix brightly your person is impressive. However his acting is too outstanding really, be worthy of is ” great minds mature slowly ” .

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Zhang Song article was born in the family of a country of Guangdong 1976. The end in the home arrives to drink powdered milk in one’s childhood, father wishs add of one spoon milk powder water of hundreds of milliliter. Fall ill suddenly plus the mother, treat a disease to give her, a bit saving in the home also is drawn out empty. Even if is such, I also do not leave my Mom. In Zhang Song article, when reading 3 year, my mother died. 4744d6a4d5844095a3c4f0d870bd0a3c? From=pc"> says " the child early husband of poor home " , zhang Song article to reduce the burden in the home, whats has dirty vivid tired work done, clerk of worker of such as automation line, hotel, air conditioning installs labour to wait, he has experienced. In busy day, the pleasure with Zhang Song only article sees a movie namely, the acting of the trend of the story, filmed gimmick, actor, it is his exquisite content, be very happy with it to this.

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Later, the job that he found a stability at long last — tourist guide. such, the life of Zhang Song article also is stability come down, the salary that relies on to make a conduct a sightseeing tour can support a family completely. Article of original Zhang Song plans to spend lifetime so, but when 25 years old, the work in the same placing’s what one says during a conversation lets his long narrow flag wake up to reality like that. Subsequently, he begins to pursue his actor dream, with ” big examinee ” on identity take an examination ofing boreal report, also be one’s previous experience of honest regular professional training.

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So, compare at general actor, his talk time is late several years. Article of original Zhang Song can receive a few groups of roles that perform only, ever still let direct drive out to give a play staff even. In two the most helpless years, zhang Song article has run at a heat 800 many play staffs, did not change the contrail of the career from beginning to end however. Do not receive play to be meant do not have money, arrived to be able to not afford even coal even in the winter. Once, others introduced a show to him, but after he has read a script, feel that play is bad to refused. Zhou Yi surrounds persuade him to say: “Was received first, at least resolved the issue of coal. ” but Zhang Song article does not consider compromise as before, still refused finally.

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Till 2004, he goes out performed scene comedy ” blame husband by dragon ” , had a standard part eventually, just be go out formally, and this year he already 28 years old. Some actors are in this age, already fame big a confusion of voices, and Zhang Song literary talent just stepped the first pace. However, this one pace, zhang Song language went ability 20 years to see little effect all the time however.

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Since then, the drama of Zhang Song article became much rise, ” mother of an emperor of Feng of Northen Wei Dynasty ” , ” the 2nd ” , ” arms emperor ” the form that waits to have him, and the acting of Zhang Song article suffers the director inside the circle to approbate fully, play road is developed gradually. What make him famous truly is 2009 ” Yang Guifei secret history ” medium Yang Guozhong one horn, his acting is approbated by the audience, famous degree also promoted one big chunk.

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2010, ning Hao director held an actor to groom class, invited piece of eulogy article to do performance guidance. After this, he is in again ” case of gold big disaster ” , ” on the west the summer of the brook ” in waiting for work, shaped a lot of fresh parts successfully. Of course, one lets a person be returned impressively recently is ” secret corner ” . In drama he ” Zhu Yongping ” this part acts very much to reach the designated position, zhang Song him article increases a lot of detail shares.

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For instance ” eating dumpling soup, table leg is abrupt crooked, brought about wonton to drop ” , be these casual little detail, let Zhu Yongping this character looks more exquisite, more reality of press close to. This he is in ” revolutionary ” medium performance, was to reach peak peak more, he is complete the manner that devoted, relative strength is affection in person, be worth admire more.

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” revolutionary ” it is the tribute with an admirable subject matter piece, zhang Song article is the actress with a famous acting. Both happening after collision, the result of generation is unapproachable. The hope has more ” revolutionary ” such thematic film, let us can engrave history, also hope Zhang Song article can develop weller and weller. — END —

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