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Original title: Thank Xiao Zhan, thank Hunan stage, make me OK brush 2 collect madly ” survive ” , need not change a table ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” can describe so, before she goes to us, we had cried 1000 times, urged 1000 times. Originally this drama can be mixed early 2021 the audience met, but the process that experienced calm archives to withdraw file again. Stand up the behavior of the audience let an audience send disposition really, but everybody is added only to the expectation of this work do not decrease.

20220316070258 62318ba24fbdc

Now the end at going up line, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” did not make us disappointed really. Obtained TV to close at present inspect first good achievement, the audience is like tide reputably. Be class of blast of a king is small sweet drama, without doubt.

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Although can have ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , ” the princess of shadow emperor ” , ” the heart is resided ” wait for work to go up in succession line, but big probability won’t be affected ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” the person is angry. Besides ” the heart is resided ” , other two work are romantic theme, and some earlier when moment publishs this drama, in broadcast a quantity to go up with Xiao Zhan, photograph of this new theatrical work is compared or have very big difference, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” also be billow of person energy of life for certain.

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010-101 ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” put the perspective of the story in Lin Zhi school and eve of the graduation that consider the Kingdom of Wei, lin Zhi school drops to the end of the cereal of life. In addition, his father because cancer be in hospital. He abandoned going the opportunity that famous foreign enterprise works, parted company with the boy friend. However, doctor Gu Wei is the life that walks into her in the trough that she lives.

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The be mixed of the two people in drama does not do not have a reason, just be before this, because of misunderstanding encounter by accident. From each other not come-and-go arrives gradually excited, they began the sweet love between cello hand and doctor step by step. The figure figure of this drama is more vivid, the Lin Zhi school of Yang Zi personate is musical department is big 3 students, so more the girl is nifty. Her dumb moment, she what see is that elegant and missish cello hand, but when she talks, can let a person feel lively and optimistic however.

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The heroine of goodness of this kind of warm blood more get audience reception. Although she very the feeling that does not know oneself, but she is resolved meet precipitant person. Xiao Zhan, the Gu Wei of personate, also be to come on the stage make a person impressive. His temperament is cleaner, was full of the breath of boyhood. It is however in drama, of his personate is the surgeon of digestive internal medicine. Be in before in drama of movie and TV, this kind of part often is deduced by middleaged actor, and of Xiao Zhan deduce provide extremely overturn quality.

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However, doctor Gu Wei is not the character on Facebook. His ability is outstanding, but be by no means perfect. Because life always is plain sailing, he always pays close attention to failure and setback too, unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment becomes last straw that collapses him almost, let him bearing enormous psychological pressure.

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Resemble the Lin Zhi school that appears like the sun, cured Gu Wei, changed his attitude to the life. Of Gu Wei appeared to help the Lin Zhi officer that is in cereal bottom successfully, although the gut of this drama early days is give priority to tone with light humour, but what still cure a bit is sweet drama. Believe the ceaseless development as gut, the feeling between two people will be sweeter and sweeter.

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The sweet love of cello hand and doctor, sweet drama is cruel attack will be like battle to be in ” Chen Qing makes ” before appear in ” oh, my imperial Majesty ” , ” exceed star lyceum ” in waiting for work, but from him follow-up theatrical work is made in light of, it is ancient costume drama for the most part. Overturn exclusively audience impressional is ” ace army ” , this also is the martial work that Xiao Zhan tries first. Be about to broadcast ” jade bone Yao ” drama also is Xiao Zhan, drama of famous ancient costume, include its to attempt transition ” that sea in the dream ” . But no matter be,look from appearance and temperament, xiao Zhan and drama of contemporary talk feeling are having very tall comfortable deserve to spend, ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” this work is best proof.

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The personate that resemble battle is professional stronger doctor Gu Wei won’t let an audience completely give play, not only the character provides be convinced power extremely, xiao Zhan also deduced idol play male advocate pure and fresh and free from vulgarity, whole journey acting is online. Although be in the gut of early days, the Gu Wei of his personate is a pair of earnest expression, but pass early in light of the prevue before, liked to go up when him after Lin Zhi school, also can show oneself lovely one side, the contrast bud of this one character is worth to expect.

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Yang Zi is in this drama can of position of Lin Zhi officer calls the cello hand of personate full marks, although be in ” dear has deep love for ” in, the Tong Nian of Yang Zi personate one part thorough will of people, but in affecting her to be made newly in this, while reservation girl feels, also let us see a maturity. Although Yang Zi’s appearance gets dispute fully all the time, but the Yang Zi that give a lot of care manages him figure, the condition that also allows oneself gradually in screen becomes perfect.

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At present ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” just go up line, defend in Hunan inspect broadcasted two collect, sequel besides Zhou Wu, will broadcast everyday Saturday besides one collect, all be with day more the speed of two collect and audience meet. Only regret is drama anthology newer rate is too slow, but must say to thank Xiao Zhan, thank Hunan stage, such high quality small sweet drama, make me OK brush two collect madly ” survive ” need not change a table.

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