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Original title: Jing Ming of Yu Zhenghe Guo, be boycotted likewise, for what as before prosperous, is one defeated thoroughly? 2007, wang Shuo mentioned Guo Jingming in be interviewed, his mood special not courteous. “I knew to give Guo Jingming of a thief, he this behavior calculates room theft to us. He this behavior calculates room theft to us..

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All the time since, the stain topic around Guo Jingming is piracy, besides its dimensions. Besides him, still one is in ” into room theft ” of before the domain is ranked absolutely 3 ” consult content Great Master ” Yu Zheng, but he is enraged forcedly much. At first, he takes oneself and Guo Jingming, quite, seem not to want to mix his associate with an evil person: “You say Guo Jingming he borroweds, he was defeated, right? When does somebody accuse Yu Zheng to borrowed? This is only draw lessons from, I did not get any penalty. I did not get any penalty..

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Result, very fast he is fined jade precious jade the aunt was sued spent 3 years of ability to pay fine. In fact, in piracy on this thing, jing Ming of Yu Zhenghe Guo is not as exalted as anybody. But now two the individual’s circumstances already very different. 2021, guo Jingming is new piece ” fine elegant collect ” show got offline before long; Attend program of put together art to also be scolded to get have cuts and bruises all over the body; As if the audience does not want to let off him momently, he cannot help condemning atomizer: “Because I call Guo Jing Ming to be done so be because what I call Guo Jing Ming to be done so,wrong? “Because I call Guo Jing Ming to be done so be because what I call Guo Jing Ming to be done so,wrong??

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On the other hand, in Yu Zheng, another new Thespian; As we have learned, only 2021, the teleplay that he broadcasts and plans to broadcast amounts to 6! Not only public praise picks up, still harvested many new old actors.

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So, it is to love likewise ” draw lessons from ” , it is likewise be boycotted jointly, are they differred twice after all where? Why is present situation so different? 01 years 1978, yu Zheng is born at that time a of Zhejiang average household, his name calls Zheng Yu. He loves to read a book in one’s childhood, love playgoing, love sees a beauty, but not talktive, do not love to go out, do not love to make friend, it is typical good man. Factitious, because,be as a child father did not give him hope.

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After having a holiday, someone else ran out to play. He stays in the home to look ” on wrong bridal sedan chair is married to man ” and ” wintersweet bake in a pan ” , touch so that cut the story of a play or opera in brain. Father saw, pull him to the outside to cry: “Be no good boy, fast go out to play! ” Yu Zheng in one’s childhood very thin, be in with age person in, he always is bullied. So he does not recall ask for trouble, although be absent,the home also is him play. But be in the school, he is stronger. Because he is said by mathematical teacher result is bad, science department fails, so he very hard, took directly the first! Should parents hopes to see this, but his father says spicily, “Breadth of mind is really narrow, because of the teacher a word begins ” retaliation ” ! ” this is very big to be being hit, old later, he spoke of this thing in be interviewed. Later, at liking to be enmeshed in oneself world.

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The book looks much, had the idea of writing. Novel of the first knight-errant was written when 14 years old, it is one is with oneself male advocate, act like an overlord, mistreat female advocate this lets him times feeling is comforted. novel right now, yuan Zhengzheng is in Guo Jingming, sichuan, search in literary ocean comfort.

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When 4 years old, he is diagnosed to give septicemia, this became the matter with his not tall stature. When he is young, hook up the toilet wants adult to be being held in the arms, weigh ill lie in bed, at hand goes only in his world ” hundred years loneliness ” this. It is only in the book, he just can experience himself experience be understood. Arrived junior high school 2 grade, guo Jingming bring into contact with magazine, perhaps talent teenager also can be in same year. Age paragraph have one’s ideas straightened out. Also be, guo Jingming is in ” life 967 ” on published a maiden work ” alone ” , earned the contribution fee of 10 money.

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Although 10 money are not much, but gave Guo Jingming the hope however. Two 02 teenagers, in same age, found affective to place in the character at the same time; But, honest on the road that moves toward summit summit rugged is rough; Under hardship, also let two people move rose same ” crooked idea ” . The Shanghai that controlled 2000, flourishing romantic, it is one of a batch of Chinese cities that the earliest development rises, two people decide the goal in here. Big Yu Zheng of 5 years old, rate foretaste arrived the feel sad of big city. 1997, right now Yu Zheng already 19 years old, although its appearance not raise, but he was in eye demarcate however ” on play ” the performance is. But took an examination of two years to fail to achieve what one wishes, he is forced to monarch additionally on path take an examination ofing news is, advanced the school gate says again. Later, he cannot see on the classroom that news learns, perform a class to go up to always can see he appears however.

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At the beginning Yu Zheng is very self-confident still, enter the mass organizations activity of the school actively. The outcome is good took a part not easily, but arrived to appear on the stage when he however all over inflexible, dare not look up, actor’s lines forgot a with nothing left. Later, he still has tried to become an actor, but make fun of to what carry actor’s lines on the back he rests dish, a paragraph of small play patted many 100 to fail pass a barrier…

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And right now, still going up the Guo Jingming of high school is already small famous gas. In contest of composition of new idea of the 4th whole nation, his altogether dropped 7 plan, above of every 5000 words. Stalk of grain till cut that day, he is thinking how method can be cast morely as before, because have the odds of such triumph only,just meet bigger. Final, he is like after entering total final wish to take next champion. Second year, he takes part in the match again, break take part in the match record, become throughout history to take the writer of champion continuously!

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When the press casts an olive to Guo Jingming, he refused. Want the Shanghai university take a refresher course that long for day and night because of him. It is this moment only Guo Jingming has not thought of, in the happiness of Shanghai university lives and expecting some are not quite same, fall arrives greatly make him self-abased. For the word that uses him himself, namely ” the university that Shanghai university is a special allergy. Namely ” the university that Shanghai university is a special allergy..

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Go to Shanghai, he feels this city does not belong to him, arrived in the university more resembling was to enter small circle of people of a society; The person blame beside is rich namely expensive, only he himself resembles is the bumpkin that goes from the country. The classmate all round, using the mobile phone of newest money forever, and meet by a phone in him home glad for ages. Gradually, the person in Guo Jingming and school lay between two worlds, put total energy on creation. ” unreal city ” the first novel that is him, when just beginning to write, he cannot draw up all the time satisfactory outline. Wrote one lot, all is thrown into ash-bin. Still be father was collected rise, encourage him to continue to create, if not be such, did not have the following Guo Jingming probably.

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” unreal city ” after be being written, the chief editor of a press shines at the moment, and prevail over all dissenting views helps Guo Jingming publish! In January 2003, this novel is published successfully, a few short lunar sales volume is broken through 1.3 million! The has newly show of this the literary world, obtained the outside to be like the encouragement like tidewater, plus huge profit, let his creation rise also power is full! The Guo Jingming of this moment, it is probably most high-spirited and vigorous when.

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Meanwhile, yu Zheng also found the outlet that suits his. 03 look much true person is beautiful, everybody has minded to those unexpected gut not strange, because those are plays. Yu Zheng relies on to true person show to keep play name namely. At that time, he writes one collect to be able to earn 1000, it is a king’s ransom simply to the undergraduate of 90 time end. Very fast he with respect to assemble 449, became the young rich and powerful people among classmates.

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The temperament that the person had money body to go up is different, sneer at so his classmate, now is his little younger brother. This is the strength that he realizes money for the first time. An accidental opportunity, the imagination of line space of Yu Zhengtian horse by Hong Kong TVB Li Huimin of senior supervise the manufacture of disentombs, enrolled oneself atelier, begin formally to learn playwrite. Tell according to him Yu Zheng, over Li Huimin, he acquires most is to gather up play: “See him director occasionally the work previously, see the work of others occasionally, gather up the clue come down, had decided the structure of a play, go to next inside fill content. Go to next inside fill content..

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Article of alleged the world is copied greatly, see you can be copied won’t copy, can describe like Wang Shuo for this pair of people that keep a novel in that way, be equal at ” into room theft ” . After this also is Yu Zhengri ” deepness is drawn lessons from ” bury issued a thunder. In his professional career, also not be to do not have conscientiously to had written a script. ” firework in March ” can saying is exclusive Bai Yueguang, but viewing rate is very bad however, this makes him big stricken. Subsequently, adjust good intention condition, yu Zheng decides to use the master’s method, daily and daily also must draw up ” the palace after big Qing Dynasty ” . 2006, ” the palace after big Qing Dynasty ” heat is sowed, at turning over overnight, gain fame.

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But, the actor’s lines of this drama has a lot of is to copy explode drama of paragraph TVB Gong Dou ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” ; The story bridge in drama paragraph, it is include more ” evil of Jin Zhi desire ” , ” grow greatly today ” , ” winter love song ” etc. To such doubt, say at refute of positive and negative: “Lin Yutang says he thinks an interpreter ” red Lou Meng ” successful without the interpreter, he is being illuminated ” red Lou Meng ” frame was translated ” capital smoke cloud ” . The story of the boundless universe with respect to so much, of without what new idea, the key is the sense that you should communicate it is right. The key is the sense that you should communicate it is right..

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And still be moved gave oneself that one should draw lessons from content not to exceed 20 % only, do not calculate the theory that borrowed. After this, he begins wanton on the road that borrowed infestation. 04 ” beauty calculation ” ” draw lessons from ” network novel ” ups and downs of not ended · ” ” Gong Suozhu shade ” ” draw lessons from ” ” discriminate is passed ” , ” Gongsuo connects a city ” ” draw lessons from ” ” wintersweet bake in a pan ” …

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This paragraph of period, created at manufacturing another closes inspect a height, became the assurance of the character inside the circle directly. Yu Zheng drama also is held in both hands red a gleam of inside numerous circle, wait to fly higher from his at hand like Shan of Yang Mi, Zhao Liying, Lin Xinru, Yuan Shan ~ does not have one exception nevertheless, old hind, broke at be troubled by with them… and what differ with him is, guo Jingming is a good writer really at the beginning. ” unreal city ” later, he gives two one year repeatedly ” left hand inverted image, right hand time ” , ” the flower in the dream falls how much to know ” . Mere 20 years old ascended a list of names posted up of Chinese writer plute.

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Big that years 2, because give attention to two or morethings is composed and cannot work, he chooses discontinue one’s studying directly, left to let oneself suffer sufferring Shanghai fully. The atelier that subsequently he established himself ” island ” . As chief editor, guo Jingming fell for him proof cruel-hearted. Most when going all out one day writes 339 words, drink coffee to drink vomiting, sleep only everyday 3 hours. Do not pass the creative work in style of his combustion life good, traded the gain that does not poor. Published ” 1995~2005 year the Summer Solstice did not come ” ; Help old paean adapt ” without extremely ” novel edition; ” sadness becomes a river upstream ” firmer him ” green literature overlord ” position. Age gently, mastered ” green pain literature ” fortune password, want the new book that is him to often reside sales volume firmly only the first.

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But Jing Ming of Yu Zhenghe Guo did not think of, stand higher to fall more miserably, their life is about to greet a seismic sea wave. 05 it is early when 2004, of Guo Jingming ” the flower in the dream falls how much to know ” when selling greatly, somebody gathers up go out and of Zhuang Yu ” outside encircling inner lane ” have many clue likeness.

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What Guo Jingming will place in a certain position to differ after the detail break up in village feather book is paragraphic in, counterpoise since dimension so very not easy. Zhuang Yu looked for 3 lawyers to engage in a lawsuit, it is lawsuit is as long as a year the first round only. Arrive all the time 2006, the court just is adjudged, guo respects the work of the Zhuang Yu of clear solid piracy. The kill that condemns finally is Guo Jingming and spring breeze publish literary press to compensate for Zhuang Yu 210 thousand. Stop to sell this book, apologize publicly. Can not think of Guo Jingming rejects an apology not only, still using this a little bit to undertake acclaiming promoting fame all the time in the near future, earn basin full earthen bowl is full. The Zhuang Yu that this lets win the lawsuit instead more accept hard.

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But alleged and geomantic turn by turns, explode in Guo Jingming inside this paragraph of red time, the controversy that goes up personally also has many. The sexual orientaton problem that is denounced all the time for instance;

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Still have ” Xiaoshi is acting ” in extravagant viewpoint of value, let him be sneered at by everybody;

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And denounce is gigantic 2016 endowment film ” the rank of nobility is slash ” , however because be made cheaply, if the odium after showing is wet.

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Chase after from 10 thousand people hold 10 thousand people in both hands disgustful, ” the rank of nobility is slash ” became last straw. Wherefrom paragraph time begins, guo Jingming 3 words, already notorious; Originally he arrogant also meets in vermicelli made from bean starch ripples of the tear on the meeting. Plus put together art in the program ” the mouth gives Munchausen ” , he had a problem in the public praise that encircles inside and outside. The Yu Zhengdou that connects tweedledum and tweedledee takes Guo Jingming to say a thing in interview avowedly: “Guo Jingming borroweds the accused, you say I borrowed, does somebody accuse me? Does somebody accuse me??

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As a result this word enrages Guo Jingming not to know, direct gas arrived to fine jade precious jade aunt.

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Call wide report total bureau publicly in small gain directly, cannon Yu Zheng borroweds. Precious jade at Zheng Jianqiong angry, identify Song rapidly;

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But once had cooperated with Yuzheng right now ” old servant girl ” playwrite Li Yaling stood, sit solid the fact that he borroweds.


December 5, 2014, fine jade precious jade accuse Yu Zheng borroweds case, first time open a court session is tried. Yu Zheng’s manner and Guo Jing Ming are same, refus does not admit to also do not apologize, say oneself are to draw lessons from only.


Subsequently, 156 playwrite sign associated statement, appeal protection is achieved formerly. In these 156 playwrite, having is Zhuang Yu, and in the object that is condemned, also added Guo Jingming’s name. After 20 days, the court adjudicates Yu Zhenggong opens an apology, give fine jade precious jade add up to compensate for 5 million yuan. In the last day 2020, jing Ming of Yu Zhenghe Guo apologizes at the same time, more than 100 make up dramatist the whole world or nation joins in he jubilation.


Say normally, held to the Guo Jingming that does not apologize ten years, because combine statement first,should not identify Song. But for the director ” fine elegant collect ” can go up successfully line, he or compromise. However, guo Jingming still is done not have glad too long, be added up to because of notting agree with by the audience the reason of social viewpoint of value, inform against got offline. Already Guo Jingming of 38 years old, be defeated thoroughly.


Such ending, audience people affording general satisfaction, but watch Yu Zheng to still live moistly however instead comfortable; Rolled out 2018 ” Yan Xi strategy ” heat up again sow, hold in both hands red female advocate Wu Jin character, gain the market ” praise ” ; 2019 ” bright lanthanum is passed ” ; 2022 ” edge of hair on the temples is not a Chinese flowering crabapple red ” ; 2021 ” Yu Louchun ” with what sowing in heat ” n/COL the head of a family advocate mother ” ; Almost annual high yield, do not say a hair nondestructive, but stronger than Guo Jingming many, where is this to give an issue after all?


06 at attending Jiangsaida ” nearly 3 days are seen ” when, had been asked about: “Had you had the level of careerism? ” his answer says: “I never had sought a name, I seek profit only. ” so, no matter how the outside scolds him, he does not care, because of him from only then those who come to pursue eventually is only advantageous.


And he plays pliable, like to install very much foolish fill be stupefied. Outfit is occasionally foolish fill arris to be able to make his little drop a lot of troubles. But Guo Jingming is not, he plans to make money, but the blemish because of oneself and the grievance that had sufferred, he more care about ” renown ” . In Guo Jingming many years old 20 when, earned many money, in father 50 years old of birthday when sent a car of 200 thousand. But did not think of the following day the theme that he sees on newspaper is: ” the funny look of upstart ” .


That momently, guo Jingming’s heart resembles is by pinprick 100 thousand aperture! He buys the paper all round entirely smooth, and gnash ground say: “My true good hate they! ” 2013, CCTV asked Guo Jingming one set, compere Le Jia asks him interpose does not mind others to speak his exterior. Guo Jingming most begin to express not to mind, it is afflictive only the parents that this thing lets him is very grouchy. Hear here, le Jia returned ground of occur for the first time to comfort him a few. But do not know how, guo Jingming says more excited more: “Who does not think Yu Shulin wind? Deserve to go dead without a meter of person of 8? Deserve to go dead without a meter of person of 8??


This word, full-court become silent. Because suffer the harm that pass in one’s childhood, let him be immersed in an odd group, must think all method to stem when he are mocked the mouth of others. No matter be ” the actor asks perch ” in to Li Chengru ” strike back ” ; Or before ” the most powerful head ” be opposite in the 3rd season of Wei Kunlin ” time rancor ” ; What all without exception revealed him is sensitive and flimsy.


Besides, of Jing Ming of Yu Zhenghe Guo different, return form other now side. Yu Zheng is a complete businessman, borrowed so and the pace that public praise difference cannot stop him at all, he a follow market. The moment of A Bao lubricious out-of-date when tall degree of saturation, he was rolled out ” the strategy that delay happiness ” . This explodes paragraph add his life. But Guo Jingming always is however with ” victim ” the identity goes look upon and processing problem; His world looks so that see him himself only, did not think over forever, the manner of problem of his look upon is forever, “I already so effort, why do you atttack me even? Why do you atttack me even??


But Yu Zheng is disparate however to this response:


Such contrast, be destined two road that they can move toward polarity twice…

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