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Original title: ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” Qing Dynasty is shallow be abandoned by old intimate friend! 3 years youth is changed 200 thousand part company cost, too actual? ? ” not the brigade of be puzzled ” , qiao Qing is shallow this part aroused very big controversy in the netizen. She and brief although be boudoir honey, also be old schoolmate, but disposition is widely divergent however!

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Simple, appearance looks be like effeminate, the heart is very powerful however, holding to oneself principle from beginning to end. Say like the horse, see oneself dignity simply too again, the individual always pays close attention to his pride and suffer anguish so!

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Contrary, qiao Qing’s easy disposition just enough is contrary. In alien eye, she is the barkeeper of an all sorts of amorous feelings, in field of all sorts of fame and gain feel just like a fish in water. But actually she is do obeisance to golden daughter truly, to achieve a goal need not choose method!

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Although Qiao Qing is shallow,driving car of a person of extraordinary powers, living a person of extraordinary powers curtilage, managing gewgaw storefront, but he is actually Confucianism elegant poor people. With Qing Dynasty light sentence says, everything what she has now is 4 elder brother, give her, but she has access only, without droit!

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Two people are together 3 years, qing Dynasty is shallow thinking by accident is his hold sb under duress 4 elder brother are deadly, and 4 elder brother also are using her everywhere!

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Promote business to help his, 4 elder brother explore clear for many times shallow bottom line, but he still failed finally. Because shallow to Qiao Qing, for, although he loves fund very much, but the moral bottom line that he also has himself, he won’t do any businesses that do not have a bottom line absolutely! But refusing is to should pay price. Qiao Qing is shallow now to 4 elder brother, did not use value, not was necessary naturally to leave her so.

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4 elder brother are mixed actively clear shallow part company, all houses, car, shop wants to call in. The change of arise suddenly makes Qing Dynasty shallow astonied. In fact, she plans to let 4 elder brother help her open a branch all the time, but everything became a visionary hope now!

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Although the heart is exceeding unwilling, but also have no alternative. Again much after all persuading to stay is redundant. Qing Dynasty is shallow now hope 4 elder brother retain old love only.

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Qing Dynasty is shallow those who put forward 2 million yuan to ask part company cost. So old after all come, she is being hit for this inn all the time go all out, also have hard work without contribution! But, the attitude of 4 elder brother is very specific: “Most 200 thousand, otherwise a minute of money also won’t want! Otherwise a minute of money also won’t want!!

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I did not think of tall Qing Jianfu makes rich domestic dream was broken so quickly. 3 years youth ends, change only 200 thousand part company cost. Too actual! Should know 200 thousand the likelihood is clear only shallow the pin money of a month, want those who say 4 elder brother are so little to part company cost Qing Dynasty shallow throw, be too clever really!

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Think carefully, qiao Qing is shallow the gangplank that just wants to regard oneself as the man, make money hard, the hope can cast off these men one day. But the odds with this successful path is too vague. I want to rely on a man to go up only, it is good to still rely on his after all so!

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The girl that the destiny with shallow Qing Dynasty also gives those go wanting shortcut rings alarm bell noisy. Originally her life can arrive simply to need a creditable work only, happy marriage. But for temporarily vanity, her him abandon is corrupt, the youth that uses oneself and fine-looking seek profit. Such woman is destined to do not have good end! Although shallow ending makes Qing Dynasty,the person regrets, but undeserved also everybody sympathizes with, because she deserves! Fortunately, qing Dynasty is shallow after with Laoxiang casing parts company, jian Xing is lighted all the time for company she. Do not know they can get perfect love?

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