Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Work of Deng human relations has not fall frame cite dissatisfaction, the netizen is Yang Yang the person such as Li Yifeng is querulous Deng Lun steals dodge a tax, be punished 1.06 message exposure of 100 million, astonishing, also call a person not to wish to believe, because of Deng Lun these year of public praise inside course of study is very good, it is work or program no matter, art feeling has acting put together, grow in vain also fair and snow-white, humanness is candid, absolutely did not think of he also can err.

20220316070632 62318c78ccf71

According to official bulletin Deng Lun is in those who receive revenue to supervise and urge after reminding, still rectify and reform not complete, put fluky psychology, ignore tax law system, it is to break an outlet oneself undoubtedly, thing one exposure, after Deng Lun is releasing an apology to state, ban by entire network, zhang date is sealed completely, acting word end an agreement, each place media reports in succession, because steal the abominable influence that dodge a tax brings,CCTV superior is critically Deng Lun more, the time of a few hours, deng Lun is disappear in masses eye shot thoroughly.

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Subsequently and those who come is drama of each big movie and TV begin to remove sb’s name from the rolls to Deng Lun, work of a few main actors is current already removed sb’s name from the rolls him from inside actor list, include ” ashes of sweet sweet heavy is like frost ” , ” because encounter you ” , ” 1001 night ” , ” my true friend ” , ” cheering you is the most marvellous ” , ” happy eulogy ” etc, it is entire network was acting almost.

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Put together art here, ” penetralia escapes greatly ” be impossible to have Deng Lun again later, the frightening cry is not had again when transcribe, ” great detective ” here it is urgent changed to broadcast arrangement, should broadcast originally ” puppet is avenged write down ” was replaced ” the senile life of the mechanism “

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And Deng Lun and the new theatrical work that Ni Ni cooperates ” nocturnal traveller ” , broadcasted road also not within the foreseeable future.

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Once give after the event, dai Yan is OK end an agreement, program of put together art also can rely on later period editing and rearrangement, but a whole teleplay is difficult, take ” sweet honey ” for this drama, be Deng Lun tasted into master, he has an accident nowadays, must remove sb’s name from the rolls him, but light removes sb’s name from the rolls what is used again, open TV, the hero still is Deng Lun, a lot of people do not hope ” sweet honey ” be fallen to wear, a so outstanding theatrical work, not should because of a person, and finish is whole drama, everybody hopes later period is OK editing and rearrangement, do embellish jade into directly male advocate.

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It is easy to say, do but difficult, if cut Deng Lun’s scene really, that basically ” sweet honey ” gut was destroyed, rather such, before still be inferior to be not being destroyed ” sweet honey ” , the person that has seen at least still can stay a happiness to read aloud in the heart want.

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Deng Lun has an accident for a short while, ” sweet honey ” this drama follows went up to heat up search, many netizen the same night download resource, shut-eye of for fear that awakes to was fallen to wear, and Yang Zi here new work ” survive ” also be ability just is shown, did not think of ” sweet honey ” face the crisis again, she this luck also is to who do not have.

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One say one, although Deng Lun erred, but the actual strength that cannot deny the achievement before him and itself, his acting is really pretty good, be in at least with age public praise count as one of the best still is in the actor, but be practical and realistic, wrong be wrong, so much of lessons drawn from others’ mistakes, since hit,the netizen thinks to press, the punishment of actor of all evil doing this treat equally without discrimination, remove sb’s name from the rolls trashy, ability is worn below complete dig up the roots.

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The star actor of these two years of to turn over is actually increasing, need not say everybody knows to who have, several top shedding decline altar, subsequently their work also issues a processing, say with respect to the example ” laugh slightly very bend city ” , ” Gu Jianji Tan ” , ” the land of country makes ” , ” the Summer Solstice did not come ” wait work a moment, because have,all be the actor errs and suffer affect, this Deng Lun’s work has not fall frame, do only remove sb’s name from the rolls processing, because this also caused the dissatisfaction of a lot of netizens, it is Yang Yang in succession the innocent star such as Li Yifeng is querulous, if be such really, whether does worn drama fall to you can go up afresh before that wear? How to appease numerous anger otherwise.

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Deng Lun has an accident this, make again in a state of anxiety of recreational group popular feeling, the country also reminds Deng Lun people insanity of avoid by all means explores legal bottom line, once by fish consequence unimaginable, deng Lun has fed evil consequence oneself, a lot of vermicelli made from bean starch say this is not his original idea, by person hole, but thing already so far, deng Lun bears all consequence with respect to this, and the work that sees follow-up Deng Lun can be fallen to wear processing!

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