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Original title: ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” sow, value of Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi colour is online, officer person sets Lin Zhi to be not denounced happy event Expect long already ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” leave eventually sowed, do you seek theatrical work? Although this drama pressed a year many, but the intention also calculates on conduct propaganda, a small theater still was installed at the back of each collect, by Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi personally dub, come with respect to the gut of each collect a sweetness is interactive, ask your happy event does not like?

20220316070835 62318cf39ead0

Nevertheless this two collect are chased after, give a person such a kind of sense, value of Xiao Zhan, Yang Zi colour, acting is online still, the person that is Lin Zhi school only is set do not denounce a bit a little happy event. 1, men and women advocate the someone on online net says Yan Zhi, ” survive gives advice or comments more please ” film at still doing not have Yq 2019. Really, I remember now and then the road is illuminated fully at that time pour out of, two people are opposite sweetly inspect, the person that look on also need not carry guaze mask, also need not notice to be apart from. Nowadays Yq already 3 years, of drama of movie and TV film also got very big impact. For instance ” between the world ” , because do not have method,go abroad, revised the play so. The Xiao Zhan at that time, the summit summit period that also is Yan Zhi. Facial big feature article or story rancors for many times in drama, plus true filter lens, yanzhi molders not at all.

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In drama, his glasses is worn, white unlined long gown is worn, stand be over there is a pair of the most beautiful scenery. There is guaze mask when make the rounds of the wards, show the eye that two meetings talk, glistening, very attractive.

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The Xiao Zhan at that time, so pure, laugh slightly, can flap popular feeling. Regrettablly the Xiao Zhan nowadays, filling in smile agonized, also cannot find again at the outset the sort of send the smile from the heart.

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His acting is pretty good also. Finish especially after an urgent operation, the hand trembles, a the mood is flabby paragraph that, gong Gong’s eye adds flurried expression, he acts very naturally, fluent.

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In drama, yang Zi’s Yan Zhi is pretty good also. Neat shoulder bingle, deserve to go to school again angry and sheer dress, instant letting a person is returned ” dear, those who have deep love for ” she when. What must say is, ” survive ” her medium garment is tasted should compare ” dear, have deep love for ” a lot of, each very the figure that weighs her.

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Rancorring face pats what also be afraid of no longer.

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Cry play also as always firm. For anyhow, men and women advocate Yan Zhi, acting is online still, the makeup look in drama and dress also are special accord with character characteristic, regard God as drama for, completely eligible. 2, officer person sets Lin Zhi to be not denounced be fond of me to see a lot of people publicize Lin Zhi school again and again this character is not foolish sweet… tell the truth, with respect to instantly, this person is set seeming is to have a place ” brains is abnormal ” .

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She is a name big the student of 3, special have deep love for music, want to become a cello hand, have oneself stage in the future. But this sufferred object strongly of father however, father hopes she can be taken an examination of grind, stay next school when a teacher. Then father daughter two produced intense brawl. To flounce off father’s tie, she goes with the good friend that comes back from abroad bar drinks, the result met Gu Wei. Two people because a series of misunderstanding, do not look to go up each other eye. But unluckily, the as it happens of father Lin Jianguo of Lin Zhi school has stomach trouble, the section office that is in in Gu Wei sees a doctor. Likelihood comparing imagines the patient’s condition that considers Wei Jiao to get Lin Jianguo badly, so he calls to Lin Jianguo wife, hope he comes be in hospital and further consultation with a doctor.

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I feel, for the logic according to average person, reached a hospital, see father’s doctor in charge of a case, should not resemble Lin Zhi school such, oppugn a little while, rancor a little while family, because heard the Eight Diagrams,return and do not be willing to cooperate this doctor. Still she accompanies a bed this thing, because a few words let Doctor Xiaodu compromise, still let her go doctor anteroom. This not quite accord with constant manage. Ask a friend to help later, discover the doctor that she finds or Gu Wei. According to the person that has head commonly for, she should know, this explains the technology of this doctor is very high. Can be she or the opinion that are not willing to listen to him. I feel this is not ” foolish Bai Tian ” , however ” do not have brain ” .

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For anyhow, to let a men and women advocate raise Thespian conflict, let female advocate fall forcibly wisdom, this, it is really not dare agree without giving serious thought. 3, gut sees bit of very order come round to say, female advocate the problem basically was clear about certainly. The thing that she did not develop because of oneself is on bad terms with father opinion. Father nowadays hospitalization, in light of the judgement with respect to doctor in charge of a case, it is cancer likely very.

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And male advocate what secret to have again? Gut at the beginning he put forward to turn division application, he is being passed in the hospital is tall assistant dean ” take dragon fast husband ” , and someone says he has unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment. How is this to return a responsibility after all? There still is a detail in drama, it is in the evening he sees that one someone secretly.

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Still the hand that is him seems to suit to become surgical operation not quite. After he became urgent operation, the spirit of asp, person also has the hand the point is not quite regular, should be response stimulated after this had scar? All these also waiting for little to open. At present this drama just performed two part, from the back men and women advocate meeting how, the person is set did not change, we see ability know even.

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