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Original title: ” double-faced glue ” broadcast after more than 10 years, the husband of Wu Lijun of archetypal Shanghai girl, how? Love is two the individual’s things, and the thing that marriage is two families however.

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Final final result still considered teleplay satisfactory to undertake adapting, the mother-in-law gets a severe disease Li Juan is taking the child to saw she is final at the same time, also calculate wife and mother to concern an alleviation, also gave the old person is comforted finally, but the story in reality is very brutal however.

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Wu Lijun graduates they married, the person of a village of phoenix male native place came, but money of bridal 28 desks feast gives in woman home however, wine make trouble is fought between banquet, let wedding become farce.

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66 frighten at that time a suit cold sweat!

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” double-faced glue ” showed 2007, and incident happening compares Wu Lijun this is even early. Went more than 10 years, because Wu Lijun is married wrong the person is killed so that he thes family broke up, father follow she and go, the mother still is in mental disease center, and only daughter is brought up by woman family member grown. Because Wu Lijuan’s daughter still does not have manhood, lead that murderer to return the guardian that can be daughter belongings probably, whole belongings is so cheap this phoenix male!

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Wu Lijun’s thing lets a person listening to sympathize with weep, a Shanghai tastes the Shanghai girl that learns to hold actor concurrently, should have a very good future originally, because be on marital important matter,choose a fault however final plateful all loses the person.

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The woman marries a person is work of a technology, choose pair of person lifetime happiness, the person that choose a fault not only oneself are connected beside the family member also suffers disaster accordingly. The heart that kills a person cannot have, the heart that prevents a person cannot be not had, also want even bedside person to notice, besides parents, hope without person sincerity on this world your live well, also be worth you to draw out a heart to draw out lobar ground without anybody likewise hundred pay. Besides do not pay oneself overall sentiment, additional, remember, the girl, money does not appear, ability of the moment of truth maintains an order! Young when always feel love is more than a day, be brought up to just understand the importance of be matched for marriage slowly, say ritzy actual perhaps good, understand gradually, it is the truth. Do not want make friends with a man of higher position, also do not go low!

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