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Original title: ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” cruel body cruel heart, is Ji Yunhe history go up the most miserable female advocate? Everybody expects long already ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” want to show eventually, believe an audience to wait not as good as, adapt the work from black unreal novel as another, this drama leans ” cruel amour is deep ” drew many people, today for say ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” ending is good it is bad. Although teleplay has not broadcasted, but it is OK to be here the final result that drama shows origianl work, the Ji Yunhe in origianl work and long meaning experienced a lot of twists and turns, broke through lay contraindication, went one case, also be Happy Ending.

20220316070947 62318d3bafc21

” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” adapt be not sweet novel from 9 aigret ” drive shark is written down ” the upside that this also is a novel only, still bottom waits to broadcast, lower name is ” just be like old friend to return ” , compose a sentence fitly, be acquainted with Jun Chu, just be like old friend to return. In the set of origianl work, ji Yunhe is the drive bewitching division with drive bewitching the fiercest government office, became medical person of the master as a child, after but be in,encountering long idea, she begins revolt, to protect long meaning, get him lane bruise again and again even. Long meaning is shark person gens, the person that has known this respect teleplay knows, shark person gens does not have sexual distinction, but male but female, until it is after the person that encounters oneself to like, ability can choose his sex.

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And long meaning is an asexuality, but male but female shark person, his natural disposition is kind-hearted, to help beloved person, he auxes would rather the scale that gets on the body extracts, and eternal life enters the sea no longer. Although Ji Yunhe 3 harmed him twice, but long meaning still is absorbed to her, not the harm that be willing to part with or use invites Ji Yunhe to get half minutes. Long at the beginning meaning is sent by imperial court princess person arrest, ji Yunhe and long meaning are in brief get alonging, also built very deep love.

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In part of novel second half, ji Yunhe knows him lot before long, leave to allow long hint, regression belongs to his sea, put on the about of a pair of fickle affectation intentionally, state oneself are in all the time not only cheat him, force him even on hopeless situation, push cliff. This also is the one share that cruel compares in the novel, but had seen entire content can know, ji Yunhe just is in make great effort to protect long meaning, although be misunderstood, be gone to by arrest national division government office, suffer all kinds of torment and destroy, what worry exclusively is not he is return can living run away, view the world outside, grow the safety of meaning however. Ji Yunhe and long meaning also are an affectionate couple of a pair of bitter lives, it is simply history go up the most miserable men and women advocate, not only it is cruel heart, get on the body mistreat not little also.

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Long idea does not like at the beginning by domestic, by going-over, end be openinged, ji Yunhe is regarded as as a child medical person prelibation, except has the effective power of bewitching of 9 end fox, estimation is early with respect to die. After fortunately cruel is over, ji Yunhe and long meaning still are meet again loved each other after all, this is not the tragedy of the daughter of the sea, this also is arrive in knock of vitreous broken bits candy.

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