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Original title: Go up only line 1 day, viewing rate exploded, be worthy of is you expect Hunan of 3 years to defend inspect ” a dark horse ” drama ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” (the following abbreviation ” survive ” ) on line the first day, viewing rate did not give accident ground to explode, even if killed blueness 2019 up to now already keep long in stock full 3 years, as before first days of data is fought directly dozen, gold period of time leaves sow, the Duan Wei when taking similarly hereinafter directly inspects first good achievement.

20220316070959 62318d47d717f

Really Zhang Reyun new theatrical work can exceed Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo actually ” the Luoyang since wind ” , had let person expect be less than, do not cross that how, temperature is again this high drama still must is ” adversary ” let, after delaying, meet with the audience to 9:30. ” adversary ” in center the gold archives of 8 broadcasts, 1 day of viewing rate transcended the line on all defending inspect the ace heat that hits to sow drama, become the Top3 in sheet of countrywide a list of names posted up.

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Actually the country brings policemen and emissary story, sound appeal still is inferior to alarm bandit is right definitely, plus contemporary setting, do not have ancient costume drama far mysterious. But ” adversary ” the inherent impression that still broke an audience really, drive a measure very big, male advocate Li Tang disguise oneself as becomes a police, enter the home that sucks D to make, employed capital punishment to a string of 1 him rise, strap to the person all over the face aglow, the audience before connecting screen dare not breathe. Two people encountered when bruise of all over the body so, accompany each other in long time, each other are cured when it is the most painful to be in, this paragraph of love is sweet good knock.

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Like opening their encountering to resemble other image play however dream, lin Zhi is corrective be in the period that wants to break away from father devil’s talons, she is besmearing the lipstick of massiness and friend dine together, drink the face is redly attack attack, the result was bumped into by father wearing. On then she escaped to consider the Kingdom of Wei hurriedly, the dress that uses opposite party quickly covers the head in oneself to go up, and the first her word is ” hello, eldest brother ” .

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At that time ” eldest brother ” Gu Wei’s supercilious look crosses the sky quickly, he despises all over the face indescribable, doing not have those who think of is they were come up against again in the hospital. Key of before a few collect is in the close affection line of Lin Zhi school, her traitorous with the shadow that is pressed so that the circumstance that be enraged fully nevertheless let many audiences see his.

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However the father of apparently clinking severity is before others, however can all over the face happy ground is pretentious oneself daughter, even if scold again besides, the child is the pride in him bottom of the heart forever. The old father of sicken runs to the station to want to avoid cure, with the Lin Zhi to the side school feel sad called father furiously again, all sorts of firm words that arrive momently then by the side of the mouth or by pharynx go in.

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Do not know when, the parent begins to see the child’s hint given with the eyes in certain hour, realize this when the child momently when clear also parents begins really old. We always are ignored beside of the family member experience, will best mood leaves alien, can leave us far when the family member, stay have endless compunction only.

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Of father leaving is the turning point that Lin Zhi school grows, she can hold the mother of cry bitterly in the arms the bosom that enters her in, also be in decadent part forever sensibly with father afterwards, this needs powerful psychology, have Gu Wei’s company fortunately, the existence that is him gave female advocate forward momentum. Saying is one small sweet drama actually more resembling is to give the encourage sign work of young audience, on the growing road that bramble spreads all over, him effort is enterprising, only vigorous up, ability can harvest the love of match each other in strength.

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Right, li Tang and Ding Meixi’s husband and wife two it is emissary, they are very ordinary in the life, one is a taxi driver, one is campus teacher, however they to get information was to break through ego really. The first collect just spent an in part, 2 people acted severally in night, the woman was taking the room card that the parent gives to enter hotel, the procedure among sees the be red in the face that get a person, the young associate that has looked understands. Say really, xiao Zhan and the set that visit the Kingdom of Wei too joint, do not know why, although be in different subject matter the part with disparate personate, can let an audience any violating and did not feel. ” Chen Qing makes ” in the Wei Moxian of his personate is kind-hearted and pure, even if ” black change ” also do not have an evil thought, let numerous netizen feel distressed unceasingly. ” ace army ” medium Gu Yiye also is such, active up, do one’s best start a career, calculate a person to set do not denounce happy event also harvest numerous reputably.

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And Gu Wei is Gao Leng has before scanty from feeling, he is clean-fingered Yan Xiao is like is a handsome young man that has a space quite, ability conspicuous, Yan Zhi is online, be in even hear female advocate cry ” eldest brother ” when, contemptuous ground is cold hum. However from the back what defect goes in is him himself however, should be asked about when to like, he distains to consider the ground to ask ” not be me what you like first ” .

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Actually Gu Wei is in namely imperceptible in the idea that exposed oneself, often laugh when to one’s heart’s content of Lin Zhi school when, he always bestows favor on ground of be addicted to to look at the other side, arrange hairstyle smelly beauty secretly, visit a doctor very handsome really, also love Lin Zhi school very much really.

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Yang Zi had been become it seems that 90 hind floret acting carries handle, she is when the school of explanation forest, have green energy of the undergraduate already, face parents some fear but still want bottom line of stealthily lay a finger on, the fawn chaos when again love comes bumps. Do not know to there was how many girl to enter her in the times that seek theatrical work before screen, no matter be ancient costume or feeling of encourage annals talk female advocate, she always can be taken fitly hold character characteristic.

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Yang Zi and be like battle head to build brush gave different scintilla, yanzhi and actual strength double online, these two big Ga assemble in one can not be a lid really, they can encounter what misfortune wants how to keep abreast of hand in hand again from the back, wait really not as good as!

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