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Original title: Defend inspect close inspect the first, sow gut to explode laugh, ” survive ” one skill, just know what makes king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil ” between the world ” later, homebred drama was immersed in involute change, it is not only ” our marriage ” , ” meet season ” wait for domestic drama, next, the drama of all sorts of subject matter broadcasts in succession, for instance Haiqing and drama of feeling of Tong Yao family ” the heart is resided ” , attracted countless eyeball by right of powerful cast only.

20220316071232 62318de02b07e

And Dilireba, ren Jialun ” be acquainted with Jun Chu ” , will with ” the heart is resided ” compete at the same time. From the point of the advantage of two drama, have the possibility that erupts greatly.

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Nevertheless, leave in these two new theatrical work before sowing, by Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan, of the main actor ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” take the lead in sowing. At present this the end was sowed at leaving. TV viewing rate is at present first-class.

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But to ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” for, this just begins. After all some of drama can explode, with oneself quality closely related. Look from the audience to the evaluation of this drama, gut lets person split one’s sides with laughter. Xiao Zhan, of personate consider, the doctor is in when seeing a doctor, see the beauty in be less than an eye, see pelvic pitch however, still have black rim of the eye, divide examine to the person directly then.

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Light sweet do again laugh, jubilate the line on enemy from ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” in light of story set, with market of past state theatrical work small sweet theatrical work is a little similar. Profession of leading role of male and female is different, however because encounter accidentally. This drama from the characteristic that shows light comedy at the beginning, of two people pure encountering let a person find both funny and annoying.

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Lin Zhi school and defended first time meet is she borrowed defended clothes to conceal her, but she was rejected not only such, she still is considered as her boy friend by accident by her father. Obviously the Lin Zhi school before is a pure and fresh and free from vulgarity handsome young man, but she starts to talk to be used ” eldest brother hello ” come appellation the other side.

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Look at Xiao Zhan’s helpless eyes, yang Zi is awkward and polite smile had been full of comic effect, and this is the beginning that tells a judge this thing merely. Later, they met in the hospital again, defend made an inspection. Although right now they still do not have Tan Lian to love, but can have let a person feel the heartbeat is quickened. When protecting serious examination patient, this kind of condition is really exciting and infatuate.

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However, in the final analysis, this is both say to the judge, they each other do not make do. The addiction of exceeding and serious, clean of the Kingdom of Wei that spit groove and Adonis, performance sound of cello of speak bluntly of the Kingdom of Wei is too offensive. To young when the Wei Lai that has become a surgeon says, the evaluation of Adonis makes popular feeling painful simply, and to professional cello hand Wei Lai says, she that offensive steel tweedle more make popular feeling painful.

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However, be this one germinant, make defend become interesting with the love line between rise, in the process of mutually beneficial mutual benefit, what can see a few sweetness is interactive. For instance Wei Li is differred with height direct with perform the homicide that touch a head to perhaps stay to look at the Kingdom of Wei slow-wittedly to be lost in thought, the Tibetan candy that is this drama early days.

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Be like full marks of feeling of CP of battle Yang Zi, acting is online ” survive, give advice or comments more please ” because choose,was opposite actor, so get twice the result with half the effort. Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi are top class actor, they are inchoate Thespian ” dear has deep love for ” and ” Chen Qing makes ” it is move of the name explode paragraph."> although this new theatrical work is two people cooperate first, but must say, the Cp feeling full marks of battle and Yang Zi is like in drama. Yang Zi gives the work that performed to be the same as a type not less originally, can see on her body the girl feels already, also one is mixed wittily clever, deduce this kind of surface to be taken off happily it seems that, the woman figure with sturdy and kind-hearted heart lets a person be without violate and feel.

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And those who be like battle body to go up is composed a temperament with the doctor very be identical, but the model is in be being put in the life is straight male, such part set itself is enough denounce happy event, of Xiao Zhan deduce also let a person very much era is entered feeling. Although Yang Zi and Xiao Zhan all are discharge star, but the acting that must say them still online, much is small sweet drama can choose come with discharge star rich eyeball, have even many it is new personality, the purpose uses the tall Yan Zhilai of these actors to earn full attention to spend namely, but be not all discharge to star actually have acting.

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Under photograph comparing, the acting level of Xiao Zhan and Yang Zi is an advanced row in discharge star. The show that resemble battle of the doctor dedicated and rigorous, but once left psychological shadow because of an unskillful and faulty medical or surgical treatment as a result of him, as if to approaching a pair of difficult task all the time on the body, expression often more earnest.

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And the Lin Zhi of Yang Zi personate school criterion rather, although cello hand gives straight impressions of the person to suffer,be the collect inside grace, but she is lively however good move, regardless of trival matters. Even if is such nevertheless, still have goddess inspect already feeling. Him Yang Zi jump disposition and part set agree indefinitely, differ besides the profession besides, can saying completely is instinctive quality goes out act.

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” survive, give advice or comments more please ” not only heat shows color, close inspect and public praise is to let a person carry more do not make mistake, this ” survive ” one skill, just know what makes king flee in terrorfry in deep fat or oil.

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