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Original title: Broadcast a quantity to defeat 1 billion, ” lens · twin city ” fabaceous valve gives a mark 3.9, I should be commented on to laugh dead by the audience Since these a few months, lasting really a good teleplay. The big play of time ” between the world ” explode with simple teleplay and grumous time atmosphere red. What favorable reply of the thunder in drama contributes is hot cry the impression that play also gave an audience to leave profundity, good result of 8.1 minutes was obtained on fabaceous valve.

20220316071319 62318e0fc092a

Urban theatrical work acts the leading role by Liu Tao, ” holiday warm complacently 2 ” , show northeaster sentiment adequately, blend in comedic element to let a person too many things to see. And, win ancient costume theatrical work of the greatest box-office success ” lens twin city ” , adapt by large IP, li Yifeng of top class star supports. After broadcasting, heat all the time very tall, up to now broadcasted a quantity to break through 1 billion.

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But, this drama got 3.9 minutes only on fabaceous valve, undisguisedly heavy retype attacked drama square. The performance of teleplay and actor is spat groove, content quality is really bad. But fortunately, a flock of participator play very well, I was laughed quickly really to die by the barrage of the audience.

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Puzzle gut not know what is said, part behavior does not have logic ” lens twin city ” because frame is too grandiose, adapt play difficulty very big, but I did not think of this teleplay is below confused editing and rearrangement completely, the clue can become in the mist in the cloud unidentified.

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The man beats at first developmental unripe Chi Xin seeks sea the lofty spirit of a nation bead. Can help shark person open cement group to gain freedom so, but jump into the pond to be about to change form, choose sex. The male is main with direct ” the male spends a woman ” have nothing to do. Although the netizen expresses directly ” revive feel copy to become female to be able to become good sister with Bai Ying ” , but the idea of this friend also becomes quite bold, should be to sow what do not go out so. 20012f43bbfe5c2816c4 “>Male advocate the status is special not reincarnate, but again on unapt also body a bit more special not wet, still receive fitly female advocate came the princess is held in the arms, industrial saccharin behavior is really too common.

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Nevertheless the netizen’s idea also is all kinds of strange things, express ” if the word of Yu Wen is scooped up ” , return somebody to say ” not be cesspool fortunately ” this head hole is too comical simply.

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And in the gut in sequel, the person that ferocious shows real features, show share also is much many, all sorts of making that shade is enrolled, but the early days in drama is little to his introduction little, the behavior of the person that ferocious is propped up without logic. The person that ferocious captures Bai Ying, urge move avoid light bead harms Su Mo and Zhen Lan with this, because,just knowing later is love, if do not have,can have seen origianl work, the audience can be a bit unidentified really so.

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Nevertheless the netizen watchs his play a dirty trick also not be used to is worn, speak bluntly says ” too mean, flooey old fogey ” , simple and crude see villain in drama is direct and bold open wheat.

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Still have female advocate foolish little sister Bai Lin, do not say what to good work had not done before her, hear Su Mo somniloquy to resemble taking wrong drug next same, the whisper is worn ” my elder sister will be grey flying smoke destroys ” , still move to want to kill Su Mo, it is normal that the someone said a jargon person reaction is really unapt so big.

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Gas gets netizen speak bluntly to say ” irritated died, pull in your ears! ” , bit more sensible is to say ” your brain was had by your uncle ” it is the laugh in me simply skip on the dot enlighten.

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Still have in drama from only then to eventually innocent clique Na Sheng, he Yanxi goes down danger is as unripe as annulus inside ghost abyss, very dangerous, even within an inch of is gone to by engulf, but two people did not fear, the not urgent also task that finish goes up rapidly, right below the move is foolish happy.

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The audience replaces them anxious, say ” go up rapidly, still laugh in this ” , still persuade them to say ” tantivy ah, two foolish egg ” , word coarse manages not coarse, belong to solid be two big clever.

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Last puzzle the part is little brother Su Nuo of Su Mo, feel oneself and Su Mo it doesn’t matter are different, by what he is sea emperor, the other side is not responded to tardy, but the netizen tells him ” because Su Mo just is leading role ” , plunge into a heart Laotie.

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And Su Mo understands associate with in dense fog, su Nuo came out, camouflage becomes Su Mo’s model, because in origianl work they grow euqally, but even if grow differently, be seen by Su Mo also won’t have too big problem, install what the god gets ghost spare time to do not have a thing to work.

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Can discover immediately nevertheless, it is to play so ” 6 ear macaque ” , two ” Su Mo ” face-to-face Bai Ying is chosen aside, show a men and women namely advocate the tacit understanding between, use ” common ” the word can be generalized. The audience on barrage also was to discover China particle, came sentence ” it is true that otherwise should ask Buddha Budda to who see ” , this netizen exits the literary world at that time honest regrettablly, person laugh lets give the voice that kill a hog after seeing.

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Cheap take change, can of acting of tie-in glare type says Li Yifeng of a special skill regards Gu Ounan as the delegate character in the god, piece act ” lens · twin city ” it is one big surprise, but the suits him not quite roundlet face with shadow of eye of early days pink and true glair of bright side lip.

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And the concealed body sermon that he uses has inferior feeling also is to should spill over screen, when putting cloth to the half especially, show half body naked resembling is gone up by P.

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The netizen cannot help undertaking guessing to its technology, it is to feel ” what Su Mo takes is a green cloth ” , it is to feel on the other hand ” this prop is graph layer masking ” , starting to talk is professional personage, it is false anyway.

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In the located palace of the person that ferocious, also be gorgeous, but all round the curtain that is oriental cherry pink however, the person of black that ferocious appears unusual dazzling.

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The netizen of sharp-eyed has undertaken groove says spitting ” the curtain that the person that ferocious likes pink actually ” , falling to also belong to heart of girl of the solid person that did not think of this ferociouses to run rampant, it is frowsty coquettish is blamed.

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But in this drama give the specially good effect of the circle or should count most those who be put to cover is classical, female advocate be broken jab of ground of firm of Tian Jian firm became medium, this sword is not really general big, but female advocate the shadow that does not have a sword however rear, often manage with respect to disagreement.

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Look again carefully, it is so sword strand, the plasma that touch a point is touched female advocate chest, this specially good effect is to should be mixed certainly ” 12 Tan ” contend for champion.

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So large hole is natural also by the netizen relaxed get behind, still say ” so big sword is being inserted do a bit laugh ” , but the netizen’s opinion on public affairs had felt than the shock that nevertheless extract itself brings, unusual comical.

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Still having is female advocate Chen Yuqi’s acting, can saying only is absolutely, begin from early days, when all sorts of circumstances want to express a sentiment, with respect to pop eye, forcibly very fierce, but did not make fun of again in the eyes, look very empty.

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the netizen says at that time ” female advocate the eye is original big, this one glare, follow those who have Chou Shi ” , can say to be able to say a point more, relaxed and fetching explode laugh.

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Arrive all the time in later period, female advocate acting stays in glare phase as before, although adversary gives drama is again much, she always can maintain a characteristic, double eye does not have a mood completely, slow-witted slow-witted ground is stupefied.

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To the netizen gas must say she resembles directly ” the blind ” , because double eye has a place not focusing, this acting from one and eventually too unusual also.

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And Zheng Yecheng’s acting is go out quite inside leading role carry, and he is himself former voice, but when performing the person that ferocious, organ also is taken a bit hold excessive, enthusiastic netizen says ” want to draw out money to treat a throat to the old man, too afflictive ” , see this is to laughed to laugh especially absolutely.

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Altogether, ” lens · twin city ” though be S,add level to be made greatly, but achievement is contrary to with investment however, content quality problem is quite much, after can saying to hope only ancient occasionally drama can these chamfer nod as far as possible avoid, bring more high quality work for the audience.

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