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Original title: Movie and TV: 10 work that Song Zude shares, depend on with Huang Sheng, cooperation of the Yangtse River of Feng Gong, Pan (one) Movie and TV: 10 work that Song Zude shares, depend on with Huang Sheng, cooperation of the Yangtse River of Feng Gong, Pan (the first) 2003, zu Dechuang of the Song Dynasty established Guangdong to save diffuse of medium of Song Zude movie and TV finite liability company and Beijing A Deying inspect medium company, pursue trade of movie and TV of advance gradually army. According to analysis of not complete count, his altogether attends made work of 10 movie and TV, make our collect, song Zude has attended work of what movie and TV actually! ” who is the person that loves you most ” : Opened play of sowed city talk feeling 2004, direct by Song Zude. Star battle array has the Cao Ying, Wang Ban, Liu Ximing, Sun Ning, Liang Li, Song Xiaona, person such as Jin Qiaoqiao, or it is very driving. Amid, the lover of Cao Ying and king spot is one big sth. worth seeing or reading then. Start the situation that reachs propagandist plan to fall at that time, song Zude mixes a few advocate achieve personnel to look joyous jubilate happy event, still cooperate to begin hype each other. 2002, song Zude is on sale in on the meeting, spent the 1.08 million red that bought a Yang Yuying to had been used to protect Shi Jie. After this, this one car turned his hype into special tool. At first says to want to ask Yang Yuying to act in a play, make game stage property with this car in teleplay subsequently, still say to want to send vocal ending the Jin Qiaoqiao of music. Pass him so one blind do sth over and over again, who is the person that loves you most luminosity exposing to the sun is very tall. Song Zude sends Jin Qiaoqiao the car really, but apply to her merely, press a root to did not have property right change the name of owner in a register. Jin Qiaoqiao is leaving a few in the future, do not wish to be applied again, remand lock spoon him. News media suspects him hype, song Zude once had been told in the negative however should send a car to give Jin Qiaoqiao, this also is the thought of one’s own wishful thinking of other one party. Because every time sees news media is small,the case that pose falls, it is can be asked about this Martha pulls the base of a fruit, make he feels not demit is careladen. Accordingly, song Zude is decision-making once more contest is patted, 1.08 million average goes, beforehand appraise sells the least 800 thousand. Jian fruit, the person that this one car is amounted to by a letter calling Liu with 550 thousand bought. He alleges and Yang Yuying is very ripe, buying this one car is to match better her newest special put on sale. But Yang Yuying replies, press a root not to know this individual. The little younger brother of a phrase consisting of two or more characters with the same initial consonant that but news media detected quickly,Liu Xinda is Song Zude actually, still obtained relevant more the direct evidence of the name. Relevant journalist go round the home town Jiangsu of this two brother saves town of solidarity of Jing Jiang city to come frequently village survey. Concerned Song Zuxing more the name amounts to be related for Liuxin, native hearsay a lot of. Saying is Song Zuxing more the name is to hide the truth from the newspaper has married his history, to be asked for better marriage those who make friend is convenient; Also having a point of view is to hide the truth from those who sign up for he and Song Zude associated, otherwise others looked a name to understand, adverse hype. Altogether, song Zude and Jin Qiaoqiao are complete fall out. After, song Zude still explodes on Blog a lot of 4 be like, be accused by the Jin Qiaoqiao of bear and forbear court, compensate pays more than yuan 100 thousand. With fall out of heart of ancestor of the Song Dynasty is Jin Qiaoqiao not only, also have Cao Ying. He flees for his life to taste a news briefing newly to go up in film laugh, reprimand Cao Ying abandons a chess: It is the regulation matchs express; 2 it is to be in take a picture when the half, formulary settle is all actor remuneration, stop otherwise pat. Actor remuneration altogether 800 thousand, paid already 90, the settle after also 10 is in all patting be over. If above viewpoint returns uncertainty making a person to get a word, the viewpoint of that Zuo below nots agree with logic: Song Zude agrees to transfer accounts according to the bank her, be rejected however, must see ready money. 80 thousand cash sends to hind, cao Ying still is making up daylong time was spent to choose fund in the room. Group of produce a film wait for her one day in vain consequently, promoted tens of thousands of yuan cost. Other journalist goes interview Cao Ying confirms, song Zude had not said in the negative again. Later, he also did not write Cao Ying less on Blog 4 be like. Statement: Text is achieved formerly, information and picture originate network, if copyright tort asks connection to delete (all work that include this Zhang date before March 16, 2022 to release) , thank!

20220316071604 62318eb4e0e61

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