Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: The stage runs the country ” stage alone ” the element is recommended ” arousal time ” ” between the world ” say cross-strait blood arteries and veins is linked together culture is interlinked

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(origin: CCTV news) now, the stage runs the country hold a press conference. Have reporter query: “How is look upon labelled by the mainland ‘ stage alone ‘ is diehard Su Zhenchang had deep love for chase after see the mainland thematic teleplay? ” the stage runs the country spokesman Zhu Fenglian expresses: From media the report looks, su Zhenchang has told several mainlands teleplay. I still can recommend a few again, ” arousal time ” ” between the world ” ” below open door ” ” hill sea affection ” wait, dou Ting is good-looking, it is very good to him teach and inspire. Cross-strait blood arteries and veins is linked together, culture is interlinked, this is engraved in gene, go be not being dropped. Some population mouth shouts in succession ” go to China changing ” , furtive however very the soak that courts China tradition culture honestly, have bit of split personality? This sufficient also specification is done ” stage alone ” won’t do.

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