Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Chen Yu every holds a medium company to cancel 20 its at present related companies 5 already are cancelled

20220316080106 62319942a6174

On March 16, check according to look forward to check show, great recently credit (big talk) culture medium limited company produces industrial and commercial change, company position by ” put add ” change is ” cancel ” . Look forward to is checked check information to show, this company held water in January 2021, register capital 3 million yuan, scope of operations includes phonic resembling goods to make, network culture is managed, show broker, this company large stockholder, ultimate beneficiary beneficiary includes Chen Tao (Chen Yu altogethers) , oppose a scale 35% . Look forward to is checked check show, at present Chen Tao (Chen Yu altogethers) in all associated 20 enterprises, 5 already are cancelled, hold the position of legal representative enterprise among them 3, put add only at present.

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