Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Phlogistic inferior accident of cameraman of division of reception of a radio of play staff of new theatrical work of black silk ribbon drops die the family member publishs funerary detail

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Recently, according to stage intermediary, phlogistic inferior new theatrical work of black silk ribbon ” embrace first ” play staff accident drops the family member of the cameraman Huang Baixiong that die publishs funerary detail, they designed sheet of a piece of announce, funerary theme is ” the last moment ” , “The day that kill blueness ” it is at Taipei on March 27 the 2nd funeral parlour is held, and Huang Baixiong widow and year young a pair of children also leave sign one’s name in succession. Huang Baixiong widow phonates first grieve over, she writes in announce sheet: “I know you hate to part with me to cry, my meeting is you strongly to do a the happiest farewell meeting, I love you, to death not change, children also are. ” Little brother Huang Baixiong also grieves over in announce sheet: “Bai Xiong, you are my pride, I think you elder brother. ” it is reported, on March 11, ” embrace first ” grave accident of play staff happening, cameraman Huang Baixiong of 38 years old and division of a reception of a radio decline canyon, die unfortunately. The main actor is subsequently phlogistic inferior black silk ribbon phonates boycott, express to be in before making square appropriate handle this matter, meeting and other main actor go on strike together.

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