Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Authority of dimension of authority of relative osmund effigies wins the lawsuit obtain the accused apology and economy to compensate for 10 thousand yuan

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Check according to look forward to check APP to show, recently, the judgment of case first instance of issue of liability of tort of network of limited company of some trade of Qi Wei and Shanghai is announced. The accused agrees without him Qi Wei, its photograph and video are used deserve to pursue medium in public date. Qi Wei to forensic to lodge a complaint, seek redress loss reachs an apology. The court thinks, the effigies of the accuser in experience text chapter can clarity identifying, the accused uses picture of many accuser effigies to regard as without the license match a plan, the effigies that encroached accuser counterpoises. Juridical eventuate, the accused reachs compensatory pecuniary loss to accuser apology 10000 yuan.

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