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Original title: If one day, we dread no longer take leave of Author: The motion picture that shows before long before Cao Xue Meng ” if one day I will leave you ” (the following abbreviation ” one day ” ) have move and ” outside ” disparate kernel. Be as long as the title of 11 words lets direct Li Gen from ridicule ” the name is very long, taking me again ah, you ah the film, letting a person very easily think is a love piece ” , the placard that red green match colors seizes person eyeball is being taken again it seems that a few minutes of hyperbole and do laugh. And in fact, this has really laugh at the story both neither that has a tear to stir also do not jump, it is used exquisite iron the thick Li that the depict of brush stroke in Chinese painting and calligraphy of post lives and drape, still waters run deep. , have light sadness, also have the tender feeling of affectionately.

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” one day ” the experience during draw materials is exchanged to Tokyo when Li Gen university oneself. 105 minutes when long in, film with cut back begin, from the hero Li Xiaoli goes back to the motherland the first stroke of a Chinese character of overnight memory past, the perspective draw the outline of that nods fluoroscopy in order to come loose he studies abroad one year in Tokyo, lead a wandering life what get acquainted with likewise the life of the person in foreign land. Introvert exchange gives birth to Li Xiaoli to Japanese Tokyo devious ” deep open border ” study abroad one year. Below the help of classmate Qiu Qiu, he will to China arrange inn the southern part of the country booth works. Leave to issue chophouse in Tokyo outskirts ground around this, factorial long canal only, counterjumper Qing Mu, hind the story of the 8 individual content such as Song Ge of hutch cook Laomo, young master worker spreads out slowly. Days is hasty, person bearer is gone to, to life character, depart is not have a choice ” if ” , get together however leave, occasionally. But those who do not catch is time, can of keep is affection. Early in the morning will ” parting ” beforehand of make public ” one day ” Li Xiaoli and everybody meet, get along, the bosom friend is handled delicately exercise restraint. Film tells about ” fasten mood from anxious ” not be a purpose however foregone, it the audience slowly the perspective that brings a hero, light tone is being recounted parting it is inevitable, loneliness is normal, the favourable or unfavourable turns in life of life is variable flimsy even, but deep coupling still makes between person and person popular feeling gallop be charmed, every time encountering also with respect to cover sufficient precious. As character of Li Gen place, ” one day ” be not ” big male advocate grow write down ” , compare ” leading role ” , “Advocate perspective ” more the fixed position that accords with Li Xiaoli. The audience follows him to take a story, those who see is each other disparate similar group picture, they and their life, and the leading role that the manner that they face the life just is film. In film, “Parting ” point to Li Xiaoli to exchange an end to set out not only go back to the motherland, in the character group in resembling respective story branch line, “Parting ” the meaning that has mutiple level, diversiform appearance, much kind. The canal wants to obtain only permanent halt leave a qualification, also want to give birth to a child, implementation ” with oneself right dear one lives in this place ” desire. But qualified fails time and again, suffer from on tumor cannot be borne possibly, the life that gets along with join as a partner of brother of the Song Dynasty hopes to be less than an edge, the employee in inn and guest are less and less also. What the canal faces only is parting all the more heterogeneous, those who have opposite lot is anxious, right of the dream leave, right can go the same way of one Cheng Zhi’s person do not abandon, what change at full speed to big environment is helpless. The great grandfather that opens barber shop and old grandma photograph accompany lifetime, final old grandma dies due to illness, great grandfather comes to austral booth again, ” be a person comes later, teapoy is OK also ” make Li Xiaoli silent, bazoo of the person that also make watch is pointed one acid. On no longer somebody reminds him the likelihood bites bean sprouts to be not moved, the almond curd that gives in inn also became a bowl from two bowls, to them character, parting the space that is life and death, it is the winding-up stage that the person that keep wants to move toward life alone. Zhao Qing Mu does not wish the person mentions his surname, think only by with Japanese name ” Qing Mu ” appellation, he wants agog to stay in Japan, want to cast off the mother of drunkard father and be indifferent to sth, but be gone back to the motherland finally by repatriate however. His parting, it is to be being taken do not wish with unwilling leave this town that oneself seek existence sense desperately, also be the sincere feeling that his have not says to export die without known cause. Everybody as the hutch after cafeteria the school in that square narrow aquarium, by besiege among them, struggle kink, long for breath, and austral booth is the one party arena that condenses joys and sorrows. And the shadow of these lives, frustrated and agonized, in piece in be handled so that calm blandly, not intense, not suspension, the life sheds the simple sense like the film, make a mood slow, flabby, appear go out to make a person more the natural state of be convinced. Piece medium everybody lies by the condition of besiege in, they are taking a few minutes it seems that more or less scanty from inhospitality, but the blaze that the heart has posse to yearn for warmth again is ablaze burn. Know perfectly well Li Xiaoli Japanese is bad, canal only still employ him, in get along, two people became the friend that is not younger brother of sister of be better than of sister younger brother; Cook Laomo contracts a disease personally, li Xiaoli accompanies him to see a doctor infusion, just before parting before, all along tacit Laomo bought a new clothes to him; The heavy burden of mother of provide for of suffer from of benefit of manage of Japanese v/arc hired laborer and with children scanty from, but wish always also Qing Mu of keep an eye on, take an advanced beef arrange to him; Li of college teacher Li and marital daughter 3 ground live apart, obtained in the get alonging that follows Li Xiaoli hold a teachers and students and mother concurrently child the affection like binds… as the film ” thief is familial ” a flock of medium notting have that what the person of kin comprises ” family ” , ” one day ” in these also are each other to offerring fulcrum in strange strangers alone. What they are faced with the base such as close affection, love, career, death to rise is heavy high fence, as if to be being pulled by a centripetal force that cannot cast off circular motion is made on established orbit, flounce off the actual loop that casts off miserable cruelty feebly however forcibly. But between person and person the both hands of the give mutual help and protection that abstemious that, insipid well-meaning gentle delay extends, go as be cold night however road person an ignition lights, although crepuscular be like a beans, have a warm trace that shows the whole body and tender feeling however. Manage benefit says the tricks of the trade that makes almond curd, syrup cannot too weak also cannot too sweet, too weak flavour is insufficient, too sweet meet mouth of be bored with, be an upright person also is such. With this group of people that austral booth concerns, they hold a group in the arms to warm oneself again all right alone alone, the fetter of person and person opens a flower that has temperature, the aperture little fill with life alone inhospitality, loneliness is the normal of life as before, but total somebody and you travel together all the way. Character of place of extend of plum of no less than, temperature is opposite, not cold did not warm. Austral booth place bears the weight of that up with warmth, coming from the impression of life hardships, because,be root establish at such life in, those who warm is interactive, just appear commendable. The old grandma that opens barber shop ever was the same as a ward only with the canal, she uses latter of her active and hopeful encouragement, silent channel the other side. Film end, after old grandma dies, the canal before the operation only again occupy is same a ward, the electrical wiring tower of tower of Tokyo of that be similar in shape outside the orange that old grandma gives her since memory, window… the wonderful coupling between person and person is delivered each other, although experience is parting, jumpy flame never also goes out. Then, parting also had relativity with attributive meaning, if one day I will leave you, no matter whether there is tear on the face, the metropolis in the heart has not of associate with of take by the button indifferently, the calm that does not forget friendly feelings and the calm of the road before dreading. ” one day ” go-between and person dot concern indifferently to what stop namely, already afford for thought not sweet be bored with is false, whole presents the simple sense that gives a kind of pure and fresh nature, as piece in the Yun Duo like caricature, elegant and clever. To it opposite, be opposite the depict of the element of deep administrative levels of a go-between loneliness predicament and backside some are satisfied with a smattering of a subject, li Xiaoli is a passing traveller, group the whole that resemble appears to also be like skimming over the surface, multi-line is narrative show a bit messy. And the depict that grows to Li Xiaoli, dare to peddle in the street with terminal point catchpenny business and begin dare not promote commodity to make contrast admittedly echo of from beginning to end, but hero from self-abased be in to self-confident change piece in reflect not apparent, show a bit dash forward turn. Sincere what allude in an account in one’s own words like Li Gen, artistic creation is not to reveal life itself, and should machine somewhat to the life. This person that be based on creation is true the film of experience, see those who get reality skin texture, also send contain the imagination to life possibility, have a kind of tender power oneself, even if is parting in midwinter during, let a person believe spring is not far from beginning to end however, new old practice arrives in the future eventually. (Cao Xue Meng)

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