Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: ” flower why so red ” hair new edition is premonitory speak ” Laqini ” tajik meaning By Party committee of The Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region propagandist department organizes a plan, the film that creation of day hill film studio films ” flower why so red ” today (16) day issues new edition premonitory. Film is held the position of by Gao Huanggang manufacture person, playwrite, total producer, artistic chief inspector, a does not overcome Zi of not do one’s best of A of force wood · hold guide, the library carries Ai Sha of · of rash gram river Si Lamu of · of white Er of Hu Jia, Ike, He Gang, Gu Hongwei acts the leading role.

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” flower why so red ” will show on March 18, with ” age model ” Laqini Bayika is ready to help others for a just cause, the real event of gallant sacrifice is creation chief source, vivid and reductive a 3 generation defend Laqini Bayika the edge protects a country the romaunt of 70 one’s remaining years, emblazon an utter devotion to great motherland and solid domestic national condition conceive Laqini Bayika, reveal and explained a communist the heart is mixed first mission, at the same time full of Xinjiang film person is opposite this ” age model ” esteem with do not abandon. Gao Huanggang expresses, regard Xinjiang film as the person, describe is good the Xinjiang story that is people of Xinjiang every nationality in order to pull neat Ni Bayika to defend Bian Weiguo, reveal the elegant demeanour of good Xinjiang and halo, be Xinjiang film person take on.

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Good for creation this film, film the group wades everyday it is on the Pamirs that average height above sea level controls 4500 meters, downy reaction has become the normal state of personnel performing duty. Dan Zaiying is male mental impel issues Laqini Bayika, film the group bites mandibular joint closely, finished hardships finally film the task, panoramic type is shown and emblazon Laqini Bayika a 3 generation are patriotic the sturdy belief of love border, the heroic feat that be ready to help others for a just cause, the exalted moral character with consecratory ready.

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Spoke in new edition prevue ” Laqini ” the meaning in tajik, the grandfather that is Laqini Bayika then expresses Laqini Bayika to be able to become a the Pamirs to go up ” lanneret ” expect. This ” lanneret ” in violent storm for frontier defence army Xue Zhongxun patrol acts as a guide; Risking life risk help somebody in danger or difficulty to patrol soldier; Face fall into water children, none hesitant quickstep runs go up in glacial face, he disregards himself to also fall into cold glacial water, change life with life, spent and last effort is held in the palm lift save grow water children, and he left this world forever however.

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