Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Ma Jiaqi of round member of teenager of times exposing to the sun obtains Henan province to perform professional all to take an examination of the first

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On March 16, the handsome brother of boreal report makes fun of in occupying, the Ma Jiaqi’s classmate that comes from Henan Zhengzhou is this year Henan province performs professional all to take an examination of the first. To this, many netizens serve a blessing in succession, express: “Pony major class all the time OK, hope this year literacy class not hinder sb also can have good result, must take an examination of this year attend a college, cheer! ” , ” ask everybody to give the for referencing with fine quiet Qi the exam that the environment lets Jiaqi set his mind at to plan sequel ” .

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