Sat. May 21st, 2022
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Original title: Tong Dawei involves Yue contribute money Jilin of 500 thousand rush to the rescue: Keep watch and help defend each other crosses difficulty in all

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On March 16, jilin book actor closes Yue and marital Tong Dawei to help deficient foundation up through China together, for home town contribution 500 thousand use at helping Jilin save epidemic situation to prevent to control the job: “Dialect or change, native land does not forget. A keep watch and help defend each other, cross difficulty in all. Jilin is cheered, changchun is cheered! ” transmit closing Yue cheers for home town: “Fight epidemic disease hand in hand, static wait for a flower to leave. Jilin is cheered! Changchun is cheered! ” Tong Dawei expresses: “Dialect also did not change, it is northeast word all the time. Jilin is cheered, be together all the time! Be together all the time!!

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