Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Big S is denied be howled to wait for a hearsay to say to be mixed after marriage by mom provide Jun Ye to did not meet

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On March 16, according to stage intermediary report, big S (Xu Xiyuan) through agent but response Xu mom howls into the door big S, prevent her to be registered in Taiwan etc explode makings, “Ou Ba and I had not met, ask authority not glad to overdo to write the plot of a play oneself, thank. ” before this, proud S and ” cruel dragon ” the member provides Jun Ye to remarry after the good news is announced, because this enrages scamper,already Xu mom is pointed to, by the little sister small S is become ” peacemaker ” etc explode makings, small yesterday S accepts a visit to respond to elder sister and mom to already did not have a thing. In the meantime, big S agent to a chain of explode makings is helpless also phonate say: “What weekly reports is too exaggerative really, run into epidemic prevention hotel mediumly to attend a meeting without the report, sell a house, force these things happen in order to die, as if reporter person is like the spot, are these reports reasonable? Ask everybody to be nodded calmly, not again incorrectly relay an erroneous information. I know everybody has reportorial pressure, but such becoming playwrite is too exaggerative really, all is not a fact, ask authority sober! Ask authority sober!!

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