Mon. May 23rd, 2022
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Original title: Blessing loves male friendly ex-wife to call blessing Yuan Aisa formerly the lie exposes to the sun extramarital affair of two people department concerns

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The intermediary that seize day explodes makings, the ex-wife that blessing loves male friend formerly was found recently ” Wen Chun ” , in the report before expressing to be in, the former husband that blessing loves to just state she follows herself formerly is nonexistent extramarital affair concerns, two people are just go after the divorce, there is furtive connection among, but this is crammer at all, actually they are maintaining contact all the time. ” Wen Chun ” still state blessing Yuan Aiceng wants to pay male friendly ex-wife 1 million compensation, pacify her mood, dan Fuyuan loves to treat media to claim all the time again oneself do not have extramarital affair. Blessing loves to just express to be browbeaten by male friendly ex-wife formerly, the other side asks they give the compensation of 50 million yen, explode otherwise expect magazine of the Eight Diagrams. To this, blessing loves the ex-wife of male friend to express to raise the compensation of 50 million formerly, because oneself do not want to continue to be troubled by with them,just went down, think no point, said an impossible amount intentionally so.

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