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Original title: ” between the world ” a few people with the biggest change, whose change can you accept least of all? From this year the Spring Festival begins ” between the world ” this time big play bully covered gold archives, although this is a not relaxed teleplay, but expensive be in realistically and touching. Be in ” between the world ” in what be short of least of all is good person, no matter be the governmental official that is a representing with Zhou Bingyi, still be Zhou Rong this kind intellectual, it is Zhou Bingkun even such one interpose is careless civilian.

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But at the same time we also saw the development as the society changes, the bottom line that each the individual’s thought, pursuit is an upright person even also is changed. Teleplay ” between the world ” in, we see a few gradually black the person that turn. Of people ” good public servant ” Gong Wei is in smooth word piece an of one mind is civilian piece alarm, the old neighbor that he is Home Zhou Bingkun — Gong Wei criterion.

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He by Qiao Chunyan affectionately is making these children ” Uncle Xiaogong ” . Struggle on line of dress warmly and ear one’s fill in everybody in those years, his domestic circumstances is not as good as others home also, there is next old having on small, take care of the big nephew Gong Bin of some problems on spirit even. But the good policeman that this does not affect him to do a goodness. Be in grandson when overtaking with Great Bear domestic happening contradicts, he appears personally mediatory, did not think of oneself get embroil, nearly lost the job.

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In those years, to neighbor he is to be able to be helped with respect to the side, to the job he is cautious and conscientious. Also be his goodness, diligence and effort, let him from common piece alarm grow slowly the leader cadre that is public security system. As position fluctuant, his thought also had new change. At that time already is initial stage of reforming and opening, a lot of things also emerge as the times require, introduction Qiao Chunyan knew the Shou Dejing of old boss the Qin Dynasty that comes from south Gong Wei criterion. He is corroded through hook in, little let Gong Wei become his clairaudient and farsighted person.

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Center of Qin Shoude that wash bath is doing maize business, assault checks every time superior, gong Wei tips off information for him, let his again and again escape assault inspection. And Gong Wei also broke through a bottom line gradually, lost first heart. Li Songyao of Yao of state-owend enterprise borer establishs a pine is acted by actor Feng thunder, classical part of Feng Lei is ” people’s name ” in the son Zhao Ruilong of Zhao Lichun of that old corrupt official.

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And his figure also decides case at a draught, seemed to be hit on the face ” hellion ” label. The Yao Lisong in drama is Zhou Bingyi the boss in corps, two people also are very good friend. After be transferred to civilian work, yao Lisong went to the Shenzhen of special economic zone that just starts, and after the university graduates, Zhou Bingyi returns Ji Chun. Bottle turn the star moves, zhou Bingyi became local officer, and the leader that Yao Lisong also becomes a state-owend enterprise.

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After Yao Lisong comes to Shenzhen, changed very quickly, become gainful, become pliable the ways of the world. Admit in Luo Shibin kiss this thing to go up, yao Lisong early days acts as the part of spy, in Zhou Bingyi here understands Zhou Jiaren the manner to Zhou Nan. After the friendship that later period knows he and Luo Shibin when Zhou Bingyi, yao Lisong turns into directly a persuasive talker, move with affection, xiao Zhi in order to manage, say a good word for Luo Shibin, allow discharge of week family little the guard to Luo Shibin. And he helps Luo Shibin is conditional, for this Luo Shibin also does not have skimp his advantage.

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He not only do friendship when the business, also be same in marriage. The girl Dong Ligong that he takes a fancy to in corps, it is the 2nd his wife actually. To him, marriage trades namely, profitable ability is kingcraft. And be in Shenzhen of such scene of debauchery metropolitan, does he have how can you control oneself? Humanness of astute Qiao Chunyan of tall spring swallow is open-minded and optimistic, the key is she knows what she wants from A to Z. She has a target to agree hard again, so she is smooth word piece the able person of count as one of the best, connect alive appear and clear!

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Most begin her to like Zhou Bingkun, greatly square square ground shows love to Zhou Bingkun, know when her Zhou Bingkun is right she not after the incoming telegram, she did not tangle to death sodden dozen, found next homes very quickly however, if wish,marry appearance is brilliant the Cao Debao that still can play harmonica. In smooth word piece in 6 lordling, although Qiao Chunyan is Cao Debao’s wife only, but she loves to say the love laugh, disposition that find pleasure to help others became the shirt-sleeve agent in circle with oneself however. She not only nature is good, mind is quick also, be in a few cases in the job a few fall, did not make her dejected or lose, she is final and recumbent oneself effort is promoted to be vice director of the Women’s Federation. Smooth and steady day has done not have a few years, she again by ” transfer to a lower level ” hold the position of vise general manager to a private company that wash bath.

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Namely from rise at that time, she began to change. She is experienced deep-feltly, when this thing should use power, have to use, expire namely otherwise become invalid. She not only make full use of the job that the influence in him hand solved Yu Hong, still borrow the special relationship of move and Zhou Bingkun, bully people by flaunting one’s powerful connections, blindfolded general manager Qin Shoude. Solved housing problem smoothly, also arranged a steady work to the son at the same time. After Puluowangsi washs bath center experience to fizzle out to be closed to stop, she mastered the Qian Quan between Qin Shoude and Gong Wei criterion to trade, drew out 50 thousand yuan to decorate a paragraph to her with this minatory Gong dimension.

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She is understandable to the change on the manner of Uncle Xiaogong, but also began to conceal mind to Zhou Bingkun! When Zhou Bingkun wants to buy a car to lend money with her, she has Qianquebuken to help obviously. More exorbitant is when smooth word piece when tearing open change, she thinks many house, did not achieve a purpose to write an anonymous letter to spill sewage toward Zhou Bingyi head. Can say, in complete theatrical work most make a person distressed, the likelihood that also cannot accept most is Qiao Chunyan’s change. Once she is how hopeful optimistic, the girl of sunshine goodness!

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