Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Zhu Xudan does not have fire, she with respect to fire? Be spat by the netizen groovy acting is too poor

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We know Chen Yuqi, not be actually from ” new edition leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” begin, however of Cong Tangyan and Luo Jin ” samite not ended ” begin, chen Yuqi goes out in this drama performed a minor role, but value of ancient costume colour is online, part person is set pretty good still also, after so this drama broadcasts, this name begins Chen Yuqi to be known. Later, everybody hears Chen Yuqi is Tang Yan company’s subordinate actor again, it is to her praise has more add. In ginseng acted ” new edition leans on Tian Tulong to write down ” later, wish mood red the controversy there is full, she here it is a harmony, everybody is approbated to hers spending still is very tall. After all, value of her ancient costume colour is good, acting also is inside the part, do not calculate too outstanding, but also do not have too poor. So, the audience thinks the meeting is bright red after her for a time even big violet. Regrettablly, it is to did not succeed after all. Most at least, it is at present such.

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Say so, zhu Xudan does not have fire, because her resource is not quite good really,that is, but Zhu Xudan’s acting or equipment suffer an audience to approbate. But, chen Yuqi does not have fire, not be the problem of resource absolutely. Arrive from discharge actor famous degree of very tall actor, arrive from ancient costume drama contemporary theatrical work, she is the heroine of appropriate appropriate. Regrettablly, in those work in the past, role of her neither one can be learned by everybody, acting also is to suffer doubt fully. How to know she waits for the expression in sowing drama to meet in two? If acting does not have progress, that result should also won’t have too big change.

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The fact proves, present female actor wants conflagration, having Yan Zhi merely is no good, still need to have actual strength and resource, be short of one cannot.

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