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Original title: King platinic Qing Dynasty goes out perform son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents unbeknown, be in nowadays ” the land of country makes ” in act Mo Huaiyang to encircle pink accidentally Have in drama pleased the arbitrary all corners of the country of favour enemy, the essence of life that also has ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye absolutely story, still have good and evil of human nature of cramped of true and false. Because gut is charming, actor also very give prize, since accordingly this drama broadcasts, suffer fully reputably.

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Next, mo Huaiyang is an egoistic person, first and last he is to using Cao Wei Ning, nevertheless he discovers Cao Wei Ning had not used value actually later, still want to hold wedding with Gu Xiang, this let be accepted hard, rose to kill then machine.

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See Mo Huaiyang is a serpentine and crafty apprentice not hard, his doing no more than is to satisfy his interest and vanity. So evil person sets nature to invite an audience very detest, see the netizen says: This Mo Huaiyang is too abominable, even specific volume wet nurse returns bristle with anger making a person. Those who make a person gratified is, mo Huaiyang does not have good end finally, the bridge that is killed all right by Wen Ke paragraph, can you look at vent one’s anger? To Mo Huaiyang’s ending, such platinum of king of the person that act is clear saying: The master already received due penalty, next all one’s life become a good master worker certainly, do a royal wedding to love to be held in vain with one’s own hands, just not disappoint the lachrymal river that everybody sheds for daughter son.

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To Wang Bo Qing Dynasty seeks to live on desire, hill pink people expressed understanding: Still not be very simpatico outside master play, the rigid in play tears open Cp, it is a helper really too black, act so reach the designated position, just explained your acting is good, take the place of to feel strong. There is much regret to you in drama, there is much love to you outside play, by Mr. Wang masterly acting encircles pink.

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Tell true, although Wang Bo Qing Dynasty is in ” the land of country makes ” in the person sets the Mo Huaiyang of personate to be not denounced happy event, but the performance of his natural and smooth writing gets character depict really keen. Nevertheless, clear to Wang Bo very much audience is not familiar, theatrical work of what movie and TV has he still performed? Look together very elder brother decodes:

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Go out not only had acted ” son-in-law who lives in the home of his wife’s parents ” , wang Bo is returned in teleplay ” big Qin Fu ” in had acted Qin Guoda to will win . His the appearance of an actor in drama is mixed not only character special agree, still depending on masterly acting, perfect deduced win battle of be apt to of the brave on battlefield of this historical famous general, toward careful of the idea on hall, inside and outside holds repaired flashy figure concurrently. In memory, wang Bo is returned drama is sowed in heat ” combustion ” in act Xu Jiafu. This part in the begining recreant be afraid of getting into trouble, but become step by step later firm hot aggressive, king platinic Qing Dynasty conquered with the show that has pulling force extremely audience, let a person cannot help plainting the good actor that Wang Bo Qing Dynasty performs what to resemble what really.

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Besides above mentioned work, wang Bo is returned in ” day wolf ” , ” anonymous bodyguard ” , ” the king of the behind the curtain ” , ” big Tang Rongyao ” had acted a part, in, although figure of villain in drama is in the majority, but the audience is performed to his special however approbate, and affectionately lord platinic Qing Dynasty is ” gold costar ” .

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Very elder brother feels teleplay ” the land of country makes ” cannot leave any part successfully, the expression in drama can encircle the costar of a lot of tall light as much can nod. Although they also gave 100 percent effort, but be opposite from media person the conduct propaganda of these actors is not much however, so very brother is willing to be everybody introduction more these acting are pretty good, but the actor with not big name. In the meantime, also should thank particularly here ” the land of country makes ” the joy that brings hill people and happiness, green hill does not change, green water is long flow, wish we can good-bye of all corners of the country!

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