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Original title: The drama that Zhao Liying acts the leading role 4 years ago, not male advocate hold in both hands red, engage in profiteering male deserved to hold heat in both hands to sow drama male advocate

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The Zhao Liying 4 years ago acts the leading role ” Chu Qiao is passed ” , it may be said explodes red whole nation, originally a lot of people are Zhao Liying and forest this teleplay that goes newlier looking, ever did not think, final, be encircled by many costar in drama however pink, we know, this play is the biggest winning the home should be Zhao Liying, from once not lukewarm not fire, grow between one night those who be widely known when red female star, and because,be returned this drama, be called by the audience viewing rate queen.

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Many in instead drama male match, left deep impression to the audience however, for instance, the Dou Xiao that personate swallow trulies, come on the stage encircle pink countless, depend on a white tooth, plus masterly acting, it may be said of brave allowing a surname explodes once more red whole nation, just beginning him is a carefree proton, the Chu Qiao that sees Zhao Liying personate from first time likes to go up she, later, because of be murdered of family of all previous classics, from the good person of assist of person of a person, became sober abdomen black suspicious little advocate.

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No matter be early days or later period, dou Xiao acts properly, can say, in young in drama actor, his acting is best, explode once more by right of this drama red hind, he became recreation to encircle medium sweet pastry, later, piece performed a lot of good-looking heat to sow drama, and return be male, visible, this drama is held in both hands red him.

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And in this drama most of accident letting a person, hero forest do not have fire newlier, but personate he is close-fitting the month of attendants 7, become famous overnight however, month this 7 parts, although disposition is cold high swift and fierce, but special however tact is bold and powerful, more important is loyal and devoted state-private and trenchant, xing Zhaolin this part deductive first-rate, also because of excellent performance, let him have one’s moment the whole nation.

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He after becoming famous, in becoming play of a lot of movie and TV male advocate, for instance: ” double life bestows favor on the wife of a prince ” , ” Ⅱ of Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” , ” Ⅲ of Shuang Shichong the wife of a prince ” , ” not negative days ” , ” you are me is fated ” , ” on one not careful mew you ” etc, can say, between one night, of the widely known in becoming recreation to encircle when male star of red a gleam of.

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Visible, it is personate male advocate, if acting is bad, all the same not lukewarm not fire, anyway, it is personate male match, it is good to want acting only, all the same can bright red big violet, to this, do you feel?

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