Fri. May 27th, 2022
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Original title: Tan Songyun speaks Li Cheng why I am old in the evening the dream return to Li Cheng of mother of aunt of the Qin Dynasty is adequate you laugh 3 days Well-known, wait for a main actor by Shan of Zhong Hanliang, Tan Songyun, He Hong, Li Cheng ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” heat is sowed, this drama gets of the audience love, because this drama gut is interesting,be, many story line is perforative among them, actor acting is online, in newest gut, xu Lingyi and 11 women both sides had good opinion to each other, male advocate show is more apparent, their emotional line is to let a person want to hold high more ” creditable couple ” old standard, make a lot of audiences straight breathe out satisfy a craving!

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And the costar in good teleplay, can grace to teleplay a lot of, li Cheng He Ying similar, although show share is not very much, but the impression that still left special profundity to the audience however, above all this part gives mother of aunt of the Qin Dynasty the person a kind very comfortable the feeling that raises a key point, ferial in always be so lukewarm the appearance with beautiful dignified and gentle and quiet magnanimous, the frown and smile also is so decent easy, mother of aunt of the Qin Dynasty although actor’s lines is little, but play is in expression and eyes, always give a person one kind feels the sense that does not show!

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Recently, li Cheng is being publicized ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” when, she says frankly: Oneself also are the faithful audience of bright and beautiful heart, every market looks, ! She gave Tan Songyun very high opinion: “I feel everybody, should include myself, feel her expression is very good, return otherwise how true ” creditable ” , nevertheless mother of aunt of the Qin Dynasty exposes an organization eventually recently! Hahaha!

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Subsequently, li Cheng speaks: She sees Tan Songyun recently ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” too enchanted, still saying to daydream in the evening always is old dream to mother of aunt of the Qin Dynasty. To this, I also am very calm ground tells her: For the job conduct propaganda does not want too went all out, do not have a thing the young associate of our play staff can climb completely on the weekend, hou father sings small Bai Chuan to you! Hahaha, this answer also is to let a yock break up, very affection business!

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