Wed. May 25th, 2022
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Original title: Why can have Tan Songyun acted ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” 11 women, grandson on the dot of respecting of a word of couple Well-known, zhong Hanliang, Tan Songyun acts the leading role ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” after broadcasting, harvested be like tide reputably, the charm of this drama depends on it is one fights big play curtilage, love line still alternated among, suffer so numerous very wide, as the propulsion of gut, hou father and 11 women, bosom friend photograph is defended love each other, undertake smoothly, not only such, more expensive stick together 11, be immersed in the wool head boy in love typically, exclusive inadequacy should be updated too slow namely, many people breathe out continuously do not see satisfy a craving!

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And as female advocate Tan Songyun, her expression lets a person suffer fully praise, she also is ” adjacent home has female blossom first ” 11 women personate gets incisively and vividly, face the weak not to haughty be proud, face might not to despise oneself, dying is not random careful have degree! The assurance that each rhythm nods, she is proper, can say Tan Songyun takes the part very to connect fully, she maintains this well big female advocate part!

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Nevertheless, tan Songyun serves as ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” in big female advocate, at the beginning everybody also is do not value very, the deduction because of elegant guileless familial inside and outside struggles, female advocate the live path of consolidate step by step of hide one’s capacities and bide one’s time, era was entered with before the artistic conception with ancient costume different drama, to the audience it is one kind is enjoyed, but new challenge is for loose to Tan charm, many netizens also are curious: Why can have Tan Songyun performed 11 women?

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To this problem, grandson a word of couple also is respecting on the dot, she says frankly: Actually ” bright and beautiful heart is like jade ” the Tan Songyun in 11 women and reality, one nods jointly: They are not have a skyrocketing rise, be in all the time however progress, pay and harvest perhaps cannot quits, but become direct ratio certainly. Lucky it is the person that those are in a patronage hard to wear all the time, can say Tan Songyun can gift absolutely this part is opposite with the soul this, everybody expresses in succession: Hit the nail on the head!

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Of course, on acting, the Tan Songyun nowadays is given out more really numerous! How should 11 women are opposite next? How can be Tan Songyun explained again? We also are wait and see what happens!

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